IPL Imparts a Number of Lessons on Hand

We have been watching IPL for some time, haven’t we? Some people consider IPL as a joke but is it so? Are there lessons to be learnt from the IPL? We have come across the elimination of Kochi Tuskers from the IPL!! What had gone wrong with the Kochi Tuskers? Was the management of Kochi Tuskers trustful enough? Have they been kept in good faith by others?

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 IPL Imparts A Number of Lessons On Hand

Turning the pages of a magazine or a newspaper, which had escaped the mind but not the eyes moved on to a letter calling IPL as a joke. IPL though has been an interesting subject for many and therefore the eyes could not escape reading the interesting matter portrayed under this.

IPL has come to the forefront only recently and to conclude IPL as a joke is really worthy of note. Digging deep into the IPL for the last few years, the tournament teaches us some important management techniques which are useful not only for the management students but also for those managers who run the companies or the show. Can a ‘Circus’ even run without having a manager in place, even a circus here needs a manager and with this the manager has to discharge his duties on hand while leading the Circus on!!

The first lesson the IPL brings out is that of managing finances which is not an easy task for anyone though as in front of us lies the example of the Kochi Tuskers which had been eliminated from this season’s IPL. If the financial aspects are not managed properly, it would surely create umpteen problems for the companies. The other lesson it brings out is to keep the management as happy as ever and if the management is not kept happy as seen in the case of Kochi Tuskers, the management would completely lose out their faith over the ‘Head’ of the company and in turn they would try to snatch this topmost position which ultimately could spell doom for the company as well as for the ‘Head’ too. These have been the reasons why many companies including the Indian tourism industry have not been prospering still. We also to get to learn about responsibility. Every person needs to be discharge their duties with responsibilities. If they do not discharge their responsibilities in true faith, it would be difficult for the company in which they are working in as well as for them to prosper as we already have witnessed the elimination of Kochi Tuskers from the IPL in this regard.

The other lesson which we get to learn during this IPL tournament is the selection of the workforce, the capacity, the capability and the utility of this work force unit where the Captain or the manager or the HR selects a team with a mix of youngsters, seniors and overseas players who they think could do well during this tournament.

Without tactics in place, it is not possible to compete with the other teams and the IPL stresses the importance of tactics that is well necessary for every company, a number of institutions and for everyone to compete and to succeed on. Without having tactics, it would really be impossible for such companies, institutions and a number of people especially those involved in various businesses to survive in the world. The tactics is also needed in keeping up with the run rate wherein a number of players lend in their idea which further progresses into team work and without a team working together, it would be really be difficult to achieve the target or to be successful henceforth.

There is not even an inch or space for even a slight mistake committed in the IPL by the batsmen or the bowler wherein the batsmen may lose their wickets. As in the case of the bowler, any overstepping over the crease by him brings in a penalty and that is a ‘free hit’ which is offered to the batsman. Though a few mistakes can be excused but not many as these could indeed spell trouble for people as well as for a number of other companies in the long run too.

A score of 205 set in 20 overs is not an easy task for the opposition team to score on but as in this regard we have seen how the Chennai Super Kings had defeated Royal Challenger’s Bangalore without succumbing to pressure wherein they had overtaken the target by ease by scoring 208 runs. The important thing here to be learnt in here is the cool composure which they had carried with themselves and this cool composure had ensured that the team does not succumb to pressure and get to achieve the imposed target on hand.

The last and not the least the lesson it imparts to us is the ‘Will Power’ which is essential for everyone to succeed in their lives which Rahane had indeed taught us as he had scored  a century 103 of 60 balls in a twenty over game.

If no ‘Will Power’ exists among the individuals, it would make their life too dull and boring as this middle which had taken two days to complete on!! Moreover Rahane has also given a lesson to all of us that there is nothing called as impossible and if we work hard we would be able to achieve our goals.

The IPL does impart a number of lessons to us and it needs to be seen here that whichever new team gets into the IPL in the future, would they be able to learn any lesson from the lessons arising out from the previous IPL’s held herein, especially with the Gujarat team trying to gain an entry into the IPL in the place of Kochi Tuskers. Would the Gujarat team be able to cope up with the financial backing or would the team meet the same fate as that of Kochi Tuskers? Have they learned the lesson from Vijay Mallaya wherein the Kingfisher lies in dire straits and who may also lose out on the RCB playing in the IPL? These are the factors which every new entry teams should look into before they march into the IPL.

Entry into the IPL tournament is not an easy task and people would have to look into every direction before owning a team whichever they might be.

‘It’s indeed a different ball game altogether’!!

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