Women in The Martial Arts: Benefits and Rewards

The martial arts can be a great way for women to build confidence, work off stress, and get in shape.

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Women actually have a long history in the martial arts. Samurai women were taught how to use weapons and were entrusted with protecting their families and household if necessary. Today women can reap many rewards from participating in the martial arts. Some of the most popular arts are karate, judo, and kung fu. 

This is an excellent way to exercise, especially if traditional methods are boring or monotonous for you. Hitting a punching bag with either your fists or legs offers the same resistance training as weight lifting. They also feature plenty of cardio work as well. There is an emphasis placed on stretching, which reduces your risk of injury and helps with flexibility. The workouts are interesting and require just as much power from your brain as your muscles. They also have real-world application.

Self defense plays a role in nearly every martial art. It is vitally important to have the power to defend yourself if necessary. Having the ability to subdue an attacker can drastically improve self confidence. Aside from knowing how to physically defend yourself, most martial artists also develop an internal mental awareness as well. This increase in confidence can apply to non-combative situations. Many of the tools you learn in martial arts can easily be applied to more common everyday scenarios. You might be surprised to find that your training helps you stand up to co-workers or other individuals. It also builds leadership skills, which are an invaluable tool at any age or place in life.

The martial arts also give women a way to burn off stress. Many of us have stressful responsibilities through work or at home with our families. However, daily stress can build and have a negative effect on health. On a basic level, stress can be released by hitting punching bags and breaking boards. As your training continues, you will learn how to access an inner calm, even in highly stressful situations. Most martial arts also incorporate some meditation in their curriculum.

Luckily, in this day and age you no longer have to be prepared to defend your home against bandits. However, these ancient fighting arts are still invaluable today. Consider looking into martial arts training. They will provide a great workout, improve self confidence, and help you to manage stress. Women can especially benefit from such training. 

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