Storm Warriors

Still remember the martial arts television series adaptation of the comic China (manhwa) by Ma Wing-shing titled Fung Wan, the Cloud and Wind Warrior Indosiar on screen?

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Well, the comic was also appointed to the big screen the Storm Riders (1998) and its sequel the newly created 11 years later, Storm Warriors (2009).

As the first film, actor Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok again lined up to portray the main character Wind (Wind) and Cloud (Cloud) in the sequel. Japanese warlord, Lord Godless (Simon Yam) desire to conquer China. Emperor of China is not only charming, Lord Godless also seized a number of martial arts expert and forcing them to serve him.

Among the hostages are Cloud and the oldest martial arts expert named Nameless (Kenny Ho). Wind came to their rescue. But the third was seriously injured in the attack of Lord Godless. Likewise with Chu Chu (Tang Yan). Other martial arts expert to sacrifice themselves to save the trio, with the hope that one day they can beat Lord Godless and save their country

Nameless send Cloud, Wind, and Chu Chu the Lord Wicked (Kenny Wong), a martial arts retreat. Lord Wicked one-on-one martial arts expert who is expected to beat Lord Godless, but in fact Lord Wicked can not effectively fight anymore because it has cut off one of his hands so as not to be influenced a great heresy of the martial arts are practiced.

Wind lover, Second Dream (Charlene Choi) persuaded Lord Wicked to help them. Wicked Lord finally willing to teach science is misguided, but only Wind can learn it. While Cloud was prevented from studying science because it is too aggressive. Wind seems better able to control himself to avoid being easily influenced by the art. Fortunately Nameless then teach a new martial arts to the Cloud.

Wind and Cloud will have a new martial arts that could be against Lord Godless and his men? How does their story end?

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