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New releases and what might happen to them.

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Well, the spring purges have come and gone . Nothing really earth shaking to report . This is one of those things that like death and taxes , every year soon after Wrestle Mania the dead wood gets cut from the rest of the tree. Like I said , nothing earth shaking but there were a couple of thing that in ninety or so days could blow up in their face.

Slam Master J, Mike Knox , Jimmy Wang Yang , and Kung Fu Naki all got their” Future Endeavours papers Thursday and the first thing that pops in my head , if there was a viable Tag team division in the WWE , most of these guys would still have a job.

Slam master J should have seen the writing on the wall when his tag partner Festus became the first member of the Straight Edge Society. Turning a white country boy into a rapper is just something you can only pull off if you got a guy like John Cena.

Mike Knox has had some decent programs with Rey and Kane, but with a gimmick that was dull beyond belief , you knew that it was a matter of time before he went. I’m not sure why they didn’t try and flesh out the whole Unabomber thing but I guess we will never know . It’s kinda going against type for them to get rid of a big man like that but then again there is no real shortage of big men in the WWE .

Jimmy Wang Yang had a stupid Gimmick and was lucky lasted as long as he did. His drug suspension didn’t help and when they got rid of Shannon Moore , his tag team aspirations went with him.

Kung Fu Naki has had a long run with the WWE , longer then most anyone would have thought and with no Cruiser-weight belt , there was just nothing for him to do. The little guys , unless they are as popular as Rey ,just don’t really fit in. he should just go home to Japan and cash in on his success  in the WWE.

Moving on to the Diva’s , You know your time is limited when they bring you up and put you with your “ Brother” trying to float this semi incestuous storyline . Thank god that one died a quick death . What gets lost in the shuffle is the fact that Katy Lee Burchill was a great in ring worker . Sadly if you aren’t platinum Blond , with various silicone or saline enhancements , you just don’t  fit in to the Diva Universe . One of the few people to buck the Diva mold was Mickie James .  Always very popular with the fans, great in the ring and on the mike , Mickie is what a Diva should be. But Alas , gain a few ounces, botch a match or two , try and start a singing career and you too can find yourself out of a job . Mental note Mickie Dixie Carter is highly connected in the music business , think about it.

And now we come to the biggest potenial mistake of the whole situation . The “ Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin was cut lose as well. That smoke you smell is Curt Angle burning up the phone lines  trying to get a hold of Benjamin . It would be nuts to think that Shelton is done, far from it . Benjamin could be a big star in TNA and they no it . If I were booking I’d have him come in with Curt and take up where Curt left off with Mister Anderson .

Well when all is said and done , JR, Heyman , now this, it going to be an interesting ninety days.

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