Phil Davis and Michael Bisping for Title Chances in Position

Evans, suns secure title fights
Early on Sunday morning went into Chicago UFC live to the end. While the transfer could not build on the sporting quality of the last shows, brought to Rashad Evans and Chael Sonnen with point victories against Phil Davis and Michael Bisping for title chances in position.

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Rashad Evans (right) celebrated a victory against Phil Davis obligation

Much has been rattled in advance whether the rings literary qualities of ex-champion Rashad Evans and his young opponent Phil Davis. The latter said that Evans had driven rings never played in his league and would not get a leg up on the floor. Evans countered by saying that Davis would need much luck, not five laps around like a turtle lie on your back.

The reality would clearly can not be: Phil Davis had a chance over the entire five rounds of the fight. Thus, although not meant that he could just stop the fight abortion, but he could at any time to determine the development. Evans went through his boot, was taking no chances and took the expected win.

From the perspective of the newcomer Phil Davis this defeat is but a hidden victory for one thing, he now knows that he can go with the number two in the weight class over time. On the other hand, Davis became clear in this fight its current boundaries are shown and can now use to work on it.
Suns: Now fight against Silva

In the second main fight of the evening, Chael Sonnen secured a unanimous points victory against Michael Bisping, and thus the long-awaited rematch against champion Anderson Silva in Brazil. The Brit Bisping gave a far better picture than it had expected the experts. He prevented many suns in take downs and grappling certain phases of the fence.

During the first two rounds were close, turned the sun on the third lap and took over the mount and full mount round back and threatened with Bisping task handles. At the end the judges scored 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 for Chael Sonnen. Rounds one and two were so close that every conceivable outcome from 29-28 to 29-28 or 30-27 for Bisping on sun was.

Should it succeed Chael Suns, Anderson Silva lose weight world champion, Michael Bisping has his rock-solid performance here had good arguments for a rematch against daylight. The opening fight of the main card Chris Weidman won with only eleven days in advance by unanimous decision against the BJJ master Demian Maia.

Wins by TKO Duhame

Weidman was on my feet a good figure, but what Maia was thinking to deliver themselves fighting another state, making use of the right hand only for half-hearted jabs will probably remain his secret. Evan Dunham won the 65,000-dollar bonus per prize fighters fight of the evening against Nik Lentz is an important victory on the road to a title fight.

After Dunham Lentz had inflicted in the second round a nasty gash under his left eye, told the ringside doctor to fight at the end of the second round ended. Winner by technical knockout to Evan Dunham. Mike Russow put in a disappointing fight against the Norwegian Supergrappler by Jon-Olav Einemo, who went the full distance of three rounds.

Cub Swanson beat George Roop in the second round with a wild vibrator ko, which can be regarded as little surprise. Charles Oliveira Eric Wisely in the first round with a calf-slicer forced to surrender. Ultimate Fighter veteran Michael Johnson won by unanimous decision against Shane Roller.
UFC live with upside potential

Joey Beltran managed a first round victory by knockout against the normally indestructible Joey Beltran. In the opening match of the evening Chris Camozzi Dustin Jacoby in the third round with a guillotine choke forced to surrender.

All in all could live UFC: Evans vs.. Davis unable to match the superior quality of past events. Three similar point victory in the televised promise rarely good.

But while the track as boring fights will be forgotten in two or three months, it is the end result that counts: Chael Sonnen and Rashad Evans get back their fights, which two of the cornerstones of the first half year have moved ever comfortable.

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