Jon Jones vs. Lyoto Machida

Will Jon Jones be able to maintain his UFC light heavyweight title.

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Now the first thing you may have noticed is that this article is being a little presumptuous as it is being written before Jones has fought against Dan Henderson and yes I suppose there is a chance that Jones will not fight Machida if Henderson beats him and I do get the feeling the UFC is desperate for that to happen but I cant see it happening to be honest. Even though Henderson is a great fighter he is an undersized light heavyweight and is likely to be blown away by the best fighter on the UFC roster at the moment. And when Jones does finish Henderson the UFC will have a hard job marketing the fight with Machida, there is almost no chance that Machida will be able to put Jones away, having already beaten him Jones who is the much larger fighter is likely to blow him away. To be honest I cant believe that Jones will be too excited about this fight, he has blown away everyone in the division, the next step for him would surely be either a super fight with a heavyweight or fighting Anderson Silva at a catch weight, no doubt the UFC will be hoping I’m wrong, with someone so dominant the weight class that used to carry the UFC has become stagnant at best 

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