Five Things You Should Know Before Getting Into a Fight

During a street fight anything can happen, it is better if you are prepared.

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Before you read this, you should know that fighting someone should be your very last option. You should try talking it out with someone, calling the police or telling some other kind of authorities

  1. Before you fight him or her, make sure you know anykind of martial art technique. Boxing is an easy fighting style to learn from a friend or someone.
  2. Know who you are fighting. The kind of techniques will change depending on your opponent, for example; you should try to take your opponent down if he is lighter than you and box them if you are lighter than your opponent.
  3. Know your environment. Everything changes depending on where you fight. If you fight anywhere near a school, a neighborhood, or a town it is almost guaranteed that the fight will be stopped if some that isn’t involved finds out. If you are going to fight in a deserted area, the fight would most likely end when one person is on the floor.
  4. Know the rules. There is no rules during a street fight. Your opponent may have a knife or another type of weapon with him. You must be aware that anything can happen, for example; your opponent’s friend will join the fight. You must also be aware that if you lose the fight anything can happen to you.
  5. Get backup. You should never get involved in a street fight by yourself, so you should bring some of your friends along. It importnt you bring along people that you can trust. Your opponent will most likely bring a couple of his friends too. This also helps if you lose the fight, your friends will most likely get you out of the fight.
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