Eight Reasons to Train in the Martial Arts

After reading an article about the benefits of regular exercise I wondered what benefits do we get from the martial arts.

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I had read an article in a running magazine about the benefits you get for participating in regular exercise.

This got me to thinking about my own activities and what benefits I derive.
In fact when I started writing down my thoughts I realized there are some fantastic reasons for someone who is unsure or just thinking about training in the martial arts.
So please read this it may give you the confidence or the push you need to start training in a martial art.

Underneath are my top eight, I realize we are all different and you may have other ideas that is great nothing is set in stone. We should all keep an open mind and learn together.


Respect in the gym or dojo is very important. If you do not have respect for your teacher how can you learn, no respect for your classmates can result in injury or worse.


What I mean by this unlike a lot of activities for example running, where you often see people pounding out the miles listening to music oblivious to what’s happening around them.
In the martial arts mind and body have to work together, you have to be aware of whats happening around you for your own safety and others.

Stress Reduction

Many studies have shown that regular exercise such as cycling,running,aerobics all relieve bodily stress. The martial arts we train both the mind and body so relive stress to both.
With the added benefits of cutting down the risks of heart attacks or strokes.


With the mind and body working together you will be focused on what you are doing which allows you to progress quicker than you thought you could.
You may be surprised to learn that another benefit is that it carries on into your everyday life. Which can be good for work, relationships even you’re driving.


With the martial arts you work your whole body so it is a more intense workout than say just going to the gym and using a treadmill for half an hour. The health benefits are as above cuts down on stress aids concentration cuts down the risk of heart attack or strokes.


The martial arts present a challenge every day as there is always something new to learn or achieve. We are all students who I hope are looking to expand our knowledge.
Again this can continue into our everyday lives maybe helping with our ambitions.

Self Confidence

With the mind and body working together you have the focus, conditioning and knowledge to give you automatically more self confidence. The benefits to this are enormous it helps in work, your relationships with others and you feel good.

Self Defense

You now have the awareness, the focus, the conditioning and the knowledge to defend yourself. The self confidence can stop you acting in anger and be able to let you control the outcome of any confrontation. Even if this means having the confidence to just walk away, at least with the knowledge you could have coped if things had got physical.

Well that’s my eight I am sure you could all come up with more or expand on these as I have said before nothing is set in stone except the benefits of training in the martial arts.

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  1. Auron Renius
    Posted November 13, 2008 at 7:50 am

    An informative article and nice to see the most important aspect of martial arts at number one.

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