Eight Inmortals Style: Drunken Fist

The Eight Inmortal Drunken Fist style is an actual style of martial arts. This style of martial arts actualy tries to imitate a drunk persons movement.

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The Eight Inmortals Drunken Fist (Zui Quan) is one of the least common an hardest fighting styles to learn, although it can be an incredible weapon. The fighter staggers, tumbles and falls painlessly in order to distract the opponent. Then, the martial artist releases great power from awkward positions. That is basically the base of this martial art, swing, tumble and fall, and the bash your opponent when they are not expecting it from awkward positions! The hand position for this martial art resembles holding a cup in your hands. It also has a variation, the Phoenix eye fist, which adds great power to this style. The Phoenix eye palm is a hand formation in which the only point of the body used to attack are the knuckles of the index fingers. The drunken style is extremely hard to learn because it requires great concentration, flexibility and strong joints. This style also has variations like the drunken monkey, which includes a lot more attacks to the throat, eye and groin. Thus style is also popular in media, appearing in the video game Dead or Alive 3 and 4 and in the film Drunken Master. It also appears in the popular Manga, Naruto.

Here is a video showing a Drunken Style Master training and the demonstrating his moves.

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