The Yeti ; Does It Realy Exist?

Recent claims from scientists say they do.

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This week a team of scientists will go on an expedition to search for The Yeti.

Experts from 6 nations will be heading to Kemerovo, Western Siberia

where many sightings have been reported in recent years.

The locals of this area claim Yeti have been stealing hens and sheep.

Igor Burtsev has told how he believes there is a group

of around 30 Yeti in that area.

One lady tells of how a “tall creature” scared her dogs.

She tells of how it resembled a bear, with long brown/grey hair.

Scientists think the woman saw a young yeti .

Another local claims he rescued a Yeti while on a hunting trip.

It fell screaming into a river he explains, as his companions

looked on stunned Afanasy Kiskorov held out a tree trunk

for it to grab hold of.

It got out of the river but fled into the forest.

These sightings have caused scientists to get excited

and go off in search of the Yeti .

Who knows they may find him, within thier usual favourite 5 year time limit!!

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    Great piece. You might like this poem I wrote about the Sasquatch…

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    I would like to read it :)

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