The Benefits of Bow Hunting

Reasons why bow hunting is worth it.

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Calm serenity consumes the trees around you.  A slight breeze stirs the upper branches, and you silently sway to match the surrounding movement.  As the last rays of sunlight bake the earth,  you sit in silent sattisfaction at the day now completed.  Not a single animal crossed your path, but immense gratefullness for the meer experince of a day bowhunting, a day becoming one with nature, fills your very core.

It may seem odd to be happy after a long day with no animals, but the experience of litterally blending in with the earth around you is one of the most grattifying experiences I have ever had the pleasure of going through.  Every bird and every bee, completely unaware that there is a breathing predator so close, just the knowledge that you are mastering the art of complete stealth gives oneself an immense sense of pride and self accomplishment.  Your mind changes as you sit and wait, no longer do the bothers of every day life constantly peck at your brain.  Your whole being is consumed with remaining still, quiet, calm.  You see every movement and hear every leaf brush against another, and for that breif moment in your lifetime you gain a peek into the vastness of the world around us.

Should you see an animal, it’s incredible to be so close.  Ten or twenty yards compared to hundreds of yards with rifle hunting.  You can see every hair, every small twitch, every tense muscle, and in that moment you can gaze in awe at the majesty of nature’s creatures.  Your body has an incredible natural capability of becoming the ultimate predator, unlock it with a trip bowhunting.

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