In South Carolina Deer Hunting Season is Upon Us

Some tips to make your hunting experience more enjoyable and safer.

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For the residents of S.C. the anticipation of deer hunting season is almost over. Aug. 15 marks the beginning of the 2009 deer season and that means protecting yourself from the heat, insects, snakes and other hunters.
Safety is the key issue when heading into the woods especially in the early part of the season.

Hunting from a stand sometimes means walking a long distance to and from a stand which means an encounter with a rattlesnake or copperhead is likely, and a good pair of snake-proof boots is pertinent. I suggest a pair that come to just below the knee rather than the shorter ones that that are only about half that high. There are plenty of brands to choose from and as long as they are snake-bite proof any brand should suffice.

In the middle of August and up to the end of September heat is a definite concern. The three H’s (hazy, hot, humid) combine to make for a miserable afternoon – or morning for that matter – so carry enough water to sustain yourself for the amount of time you will be in the woods.

Insects are another problem. Ticks which can cause Lyme disease and are a serious threat. Deep Woods Off (Sportsmans variety) sprayed on boots and pants legs works pretty good and the scent does not effect the deer. It also works well on chiggers. A therma-cell is excellent for repelling mosquitos, deer flies ect. and also does not effect the deer.

Having a good flashlight is must not only for getting to and from the stand but also if there are other hunters in the area (hopefully not) it lets them know that you are not a deer. And if you shoot at dusk you might need it to find your animal.

If shooting a rifle make sure it is sighted in for the proper distance. As the Marine sniper adage goes: One shot ,one kill. It is no fun tracking a wounded animal especially after dusk, it’s difficult and dangerous. It’s not fair to the deer either so have the gun sighted in properly and wait until you have a kill shot. 

Happy hunting and have a safe and enjoyable season. And don’t forget to take a child along it makes the experience much more meaningful.

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