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The NHL has gone down to the “roots” of their problem.

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In an attempt to win fans in the United States, the NHL has teamed up with Stan Lee to approach the public in a new and interesting way. For those of you who do not know who Lee is, he was the former president of Marvel Comics and co-created Spider-man, Hulk, X-men, and many more.

Basically there is one super hero for each NHL team. If you have not yet seen the super heroes visit this website:

The heroes physical appearances and attributes are based on the team’s name and the city in which the team resides. For example, the Los Angeles Kings super hero is a Knight which has a sword that creates earthquakes. Why? Los Angeles is known for earthquakes. It is also very obvious that most of the super heroes look very similar to already existing heroes. Such as Batman resembling the Vancouver Canucks hero, only big difference is that it is a whale and not a bat.

The reaction that the project got was not surprising. Many fans think that the NHL has gone too far in trying to persuade the public to become fans. Many have said it is silly and childish. Well that is the exact point! It was meant to be for kids. The NHL’s plan is very simple once anyone takes the time to look at the big picture. The NHL’s goal is to catch the kid’s attention so that they get interested in hockey. Once they start to watch NHL games on TV, they might try to get their parents into buying tickets to the games. Once the child wants to go, the parents may not be so far behind as to follow. Which may or may not lead to a chain reaction in the kid’s family and friends. So in other words, it may turn out to be an interesting and successful promotional campaign.

Even though current fans do not like the idea, they must understand that it is not directed towards them. The end of the big picture shows an increase in the NHL fan base as a whole.

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