Seann William Scott’s best performance to date in my opinion.

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I almost rented this of of Redbox,and glad I waited until it came onto Netflix to ave myself some money. But that is the only reason why I didn’t rent it. This movie is excellent,and Seann William Scott’s best movie to date by far in my opinion. The guy is slowly getting better then the American Pie franchise that showed him just as a goof ball.

A down,and out kind of guy,who wasn’t that smart,and he knew it. Doug Glatt who is played by Seann William Scott knew he wasn’t that smart,and the rest of his family where. He was only good at beating the hell out of people,and that is why he was a security guard,and going no where fast.

His gay brother,and father are doctors,and his father let Doug know how disappointed he was in both of them for being the people they are. But both bothers supported each others way of life. But Dougs life suddenly changed when at a ice hockey game,and a coach hired him to be the teams thug.

Doug was pretty much automatically promoted to semi professional ice hockey when his coach told his coach brother about Doug,and Doug was on his way to feeling like he finally belonged. Follw Doug journey,and see what happens to him while playing ice hockey for the Highlanders.

I was really impressed by Sean William Scott,he really did get into his role as the dumb,but very polite brute. He convinced me to want to buy this movie with his quality of acting. All in all the cast was very good indeed. Even  Jay Baruchel who played Doug’s childish friend Ryan played his role of child man very well indeed. 

I want to own this movie on DVD really bad,and would suggest to anyone who likes movies in general to watch this. I am not a big ice hockey fan,but follow the Pittsburgh Penguins,but this movie really does go far beyond just ice hockey. It shows a man who really doesn’t think he has a chance at life at all, get his chance by just being in the right place, at the right time.

I must have movie for me,and would hope anyone who love sports,and movies to watch this one. I really do give it ten out of ten,and I am really picky about everything. I sat down,and the movie made me comfortable,it made me forget about the rest of the world,and made me give all of my attention to it. This is the feeling I want from a movie. It is there to entertain,to grab you,and say hey I am a quality movie,so watch me. I won;t make you sleepy,I won’t want to make you go get a snack because you are bored. It just left me wanting to watch more,and more hoping they bring out a sequel.

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