Famous Athletes in The 1970s

Comparison of a teenagers lfie in the 1970s to now.

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Ever since the beginning of time, Hockey has been Canada’s number one sport, therefore no matter what decade you’re in, the number one most popular sport in Canada is usually hockey.  One of the most famous athletes in the 1970s was Guy Lalfeur who was a hockey player from Thurso, Quebec. Today the most famous athlete would have to Sidney Crosby, who is also another Canadian professional ice hockey player. He was well known after scoring the last goal that won the Olympic gold medal for the Canadian Hockey team. During the 1970’s there was an increasingly positive attitude towards women playing sports. The Women’s status in athletics was moving rapidly towards a status that’s more in line with the men.  Up until today, women are viewed as equals in sports, forming girl teams while the boys had their own team. There are even some teams where both genders come together and cooperative together. A few types of sports teenagers commonly played back in the 70’s were football, tennis, Frisbee, and floor hockey. Only the people who were rich and well-off were able afford to play ice hockey. It is the same today because ice hockey equipment is expensive and you must purchase it in order to play.

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