Impressive Nuevo Portil Beach Spain

This community Cartaya beach is one of the most beautiful and attracts visitors from all over Spain and other parts of the world. It can be difficult to say where it begins and ends, as it is situated at the foot of the Punta Umbria Beach Islantilla. The paradise of sand is not only a great place to relax but also to have fun with so many activities you can take part in. junipers and pines are around here and an impressive view over the Atlantic Ocean can be appreciated from the base rock formation where the beach is. The beach is virginal and untouched for a long time and it is only recently that he saw the hand of man.

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He now has hotels and other essential structures that give the key urban, although it is still quite natural. Everything here was built to be built in perfect harmony with the natural terrain. Since people have just begun to explore what it has to offer, it is not busy, even during the summer months. Those looking for a relaxed kind of vacation will be to find the most ideal beach. The beach has a lot of sports from golf to offer the most popular being. Golf enthusiasts will find two stunning golf course here. There is also a sports center and a marina where many other activities can be enjoyed. The beach is also home to a nature park which can be accessed by boat. He is intact and naturally so visitors have the chance to get in touch with nature.

The most interesting thing about the Spanish villa that is naturally formed by the accumulation of sediment. Waves and winds near the beach over the years have led to the formation of the park and continued to grow. There are many protected species and naturists here is interesting and educational area for this question. Far from the fun of sand, history can also be enjoyed within the range thanks to the Moorish castle here. Around the castle there are archaeological remains of the Bronze Age. They were discovered in recent times and have already become an attraction for many. Nueva Portil is certainly one of the best places that you can choose to vacation in. It is a combination of everything that makes it unique.

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