Grandmother of Eight Makes Hole in ONE


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It was Sunday morning when it happened, however she got her just reward. Her grandchildren where playing nearby when Edna Fitzpatrick 74yrs old was walking towards them, as her grandchildren watched she raised her arms back and took a swing, bang the stroke was taken, after this moment people could not believe what she had done. People rushed towards her with their hands in the air, everyone wanting to get hold of her. Within minutes it was in the new for the 74yr old granny had made the news with this event.

She was playing golf in the pensioners championships and on hole 8 she teed off with a 7 iron and whooped the ball right into the hole Distance: 153 Yards Club Used: 7 Iron Date of Shot: 20-May-2012

She went on to win the championships , and yes no children where hurt lol.  and if you read this because you thought she had done something bad then say you like it.

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