Donald Trump – Neighbour From Hell!

Donld Trump has opened his new $150M golf course in Scotland at long last. It was three years behind schedule due to all the arguments with neighbours, legal hassles and disputes with environmentalists.

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Ever the modest man, Trump claims his new venture will turn out to be the “greatest golf course in the world.” Nobody who isn’t related to him, works for him, or hopes to make money, would agree.

He opened the course with a drive that disappeared into the rough like a hungry dog chasing a butcher. Pictures of him playing show that without his immaculate suits he’s just another porky, overweight businessman with a terrible golf swing.

None of that would matter of course if he was just playing. In fact he’s playing on a course he owns which has been built against the protests of most people who live anywhere near it. Plus environmentalists who say it has destroyed one of the UK’s most valuable sand dune systems.

Trump says ”It’s my property, I can do what I want.” To make sure of that he has bought all the land round so “Nothing will ever be built around the course.”

Anybody who didn’t share his vision has been trampled on, or even Trumpled on. One man who lives in a house close to the course refused Trump’s offer to buy the property. Trump said it was ugly, he didn’t want it there. After the refusal Trump ordered a line of tall spruce trees to be built in front of the house, completely blocking his view of the sea.

When another neighbour refused to sell Trump had an 8 metre high sand wall built all round her house, again blocking her sea views. She claims that at night Trump’s security men shine lights into her house.

He’s a nice neighbour to have, Mr Trumplington. What he wants - his wealth buys – regardless of the consequences. Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond is desperate to have independence for Scotland and take it out of the UK. Yet he can’t refuse Trump’s money and has let him have his own way.

It remains to be seen whether the golf course will prosper. Trump flew into Scotland in his private jet. If his neighbours have anything to do with it he will need a few more trips to make sure everything is going according to plan.

Because his course may become too difficult to play.  

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