Worst Loss in College Football History

There have been some extremely lopsided scores in college football history. Several teams have exceeded the 100-point barrier throughout the years. Although teams are more equally balanced these days, there were many blowouts in the early part of the 20th century. Here are some of the worst defeats and the highest scoring college football games in history.

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Houston 100 Tulsa 6

On November 23, 1968 members of the University of Tulsa football team were wishing that they did not have a football game scheduled for that day. 15 of the 22 starters had the flu and most of the reserves were also infected. The sad thing is that they were playing the University Of Houston – the highest scoring team in the nation. Houston racked up 762 total yards as 12 different players ended up scoring points. What made the Tulsa team angry that day was the fact that Houston scored 49 points in the fourth quarter alone.

Fort Valley State 106 Knoxville College 0

Fort Valley State is not a household name when it comes to college football but on October 11, 1969 they defeated Knoxville College 106-0.

Rice 146, SMU 3

This was a bizarre game in 1916 in which SMU actually scored first. After SMU kicked a field goal, Rice scored the next 146 points.

Oklahoma 179 Kingfisher College 0

This game took place in 1917 and showed just how powerful the Oklahoma football teams were during this era. Oklahoma scored over 100 points against 8 different teams from 1900-10.

Rockford College 105 Trinity Bible College 0

Rockford College is a private college based in Rockford, Illinois. They are currently playing division III in several team sports including football. The invention of the internet and today’s media scrutiny discourages most teams from running up the score but in 2003 Rockford College scored 105 points against Trinity Bible College.

King College 206 Lenoir 0

According to the Lenoir Football Media Guide, King College defeated Lenoir 206-0 in 1922. Records are sketchy and incomplete before 1939, but this would be the 2nd worst loss in college football history.



Georgia Tech 222 Cumberland 0

On October 7, 1916 Georgia Tech defeated Cumberland 222-0. This was the most lopsided football game in college football history. Georgia Tech never attempted a pass the entire game but amassed 1620 yards rushing. Cumberland had -96 yards rushing and 14 yards passing. Georgia Tech recovered 9 fumbles and intercepted 6 passes during the game. The reason that the game was so one-sided was that Cumberland had no desire to play the game. However, cancelling this game would have cost Cumberland a $3000 fine. Cumberland put together a squad of 14 inexperienced players and played the game anyway. The fact that Cumberland defeated Georgia Tech 22-0 in baseball earlier in the year may have led to Georgia Tech running up the score. This also goes down in history as the highest scoring football game in NCAA history.

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