Wildcard Games: Day Two

Two more NFL wildcard playoff games are today.

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 Today airs the AFC wildcard games. Its a little late for this considering that the first game has already begun ( New England is losing 24-0 in the first quarter. WTF ) but here are today’s matchups.

 Game 1: Ravens vs. Patriots 1:00pm E

 If you are missing or have missed this game, don’t worry. You are not missing anything ( unless you are a Ravens fan ). It is now quite obvious how much Wes means to the Pats offense. However, you would at least expect Tom Brady to show a little heart and leadership…? Right? Wrong. Mr. Brady apparently is feeling sorry for himself, with 2 interceptions in the first quarter. At this rate, Baltimore will put up 50 points. 

 Game 2: Packers vs. Cardinals 4:30pm E

 This should be a good one even though I think the Packers will win. To me, Green Bay is one of the hottest team in the AFC right now, but I would not be surprised if this game went either way. If Aaron Rodgers can stay off the ground, ( which has been a problem for the Packers all year ) I think he will be able to pick apart the Cardinal’s defense. I also believe that Larry Fitzgerald is arguably the best receiver in the NFL, so who knows? Should be fun.

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