Week Ten: Starting to Show Cracks

Catching up with the bengals.

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“ Week 10: Starting to show cracks”

Well into the NFL season and the surprise Bengals have hit a couple of serious bumps in the road.  Bumps being their chief competion in the AFC North the Steelers and the Ravens. The season is far from being done but its plane to see that they aren’t quite yet up to the challenge of playing in January.

Rookie Quarterback Andy Dalton the past couple of weeks has shown an ability to go down the field but has also shown that he has a little problem with the out patterns and some of the seam routes. In plain English he really isn’t seeing enough of the field in certain situations. 



Yesterday without his number one target AJ Green, Dalton shredded the Ravens defense for over three hundred seventy yards, but also threw three very costly interceptions and was going directly at Ed Reed a little too much for my taste.

The real problem is they are once again abandoning the running game way to quickly and the need to get Bernard Scott the ball more. In the forth quarter when you have to grind out some yards and take off some time, that is Ced Benson’s bread and Butter but its not working out.

The secondary is Cleary going to miss Leon Hall and Pac Man is not the answer. Speed is defiantly one of their vulnerabilities so I’m betting that they are going to stay in a lot more zone coverage’s and rely a lot more on the pass rush that they have been getting. The pass rush that they have been getting is something that as a unit I haven’t seen ever from this team and it’s been a welcome to an inexperienced secondary.

The long and the short of it is, ten wins should get you in the playoffs and with the Browns, Rams, Texans, and Cardinals are all winnable games but they could get squeezed out if they don’t get the Steelers or ravens on the rebound.


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