Victim of &Lsquo;miami Zombie’ Attack Graduated From Manhattan’s Stuyvesant High School

The alone drifter whose face was abundantly eaten by the “Miami Zombie” was already a able 1964 alum of New York’s celebrated Stuyvesant Top School.

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Ronald Poppo, 65, was in the Latin Club and formed in the advice appointment at Stuyvesant afore his activity hit the skids, his annual shows. It was a continued alley from getting one of the city’s smartest and a lot of apprenticed kids to lounging beneath a Florida arch Saturday, if a bedlamite attacked him at accidental in one of the a lot of abominable crimes on record.

Poppo’s activity unraveled early. He was already alone in aboriginal 1976, if he was advised in Miami for a gunshot anguish and gave his abode as a SalvationArmy shelter.

A continued almanac of arrests for vagrancy, arrest and accessible beatitude shows he spent the endure four decades in Florida, admitting he had an abode in NewOrleans for two years in the 1980s. “The sad absoluteness is there aremanybrilliant humans who become schizophrenic and end up on the streets,” said a Stuyvesant classmate, Felix Freshwater, who became a beat artificial surgeon in Miami.

Poppo acclimated to beddy-bye on a agenda box beyond the artery from the abomination scene, generally alert to a baby radio, a alone man alleged Andrew told the Daily News. “He didn’t blend with anyone, andhe seemed like a actual accomplished man,” Andrew said.“But I don’t apperceive how he concluded up out actuality with us.”

Poppo charcoal in analytical condition, with 80% of his face gone. As if the data of the alarming advance couldn’t get any added gruesome, new video appear thatreal-life Hannibal Lecter RudyEugene spent 18 account gnawingon the benumbed Poppo — who came to just as abashed paramedics were demography him away. Eugene, 31, was attempt asleep by cops if he banned to stop disturbing abroad chunks of Poppo’s face. Cops piecing calm Eugene’s endure hours begin added questions than answers.

He abruptly larboard his girlfriend’s abode at 2 a.m. Saturday, afterwards behaving oddly, rifling through both his clothes and hers, CBS Miami reported. He said he was traveling to MiamiBeach, area cops afterwards begin and towed his amethyst Chevy sedan.

Eugene appears to accept alone the car and started walking beyond the 3-mile causeway to the acreage in the noonday sun, address clothes ashe went. Cops begin his clothes and driver’s authorization broadcast forth the causeway. About 2 p.m., a naked Eugene chock-full by The Miami Herald building, area a aegis cameracaught him encountering Poppo, who was collapsed in the adumbration ofan overpass. The video shows Eugene punching Poppo repeatedly, rolling his bending physique a fewanxiety and again demography hispants off. Eugene again below over Poppo and began chewing his face, disturbing abroad his nose, mouth, eyes and cheeks. Eighteen account afterwards Eugene aboriginal stumbled on Poppo, the video shows Miami badge administrator Jose Rivera affairs up and arising accidentally from his convoying car. After one acceptable attending atthe blood-soaked scene, he stiffens and anon draws his gun.

Police said he ordered Eugene to stop, but Eugene just growled at him, so Rivera attempt him. If thatdidn’t stop him, Rivera accursed three added times, badge say. Toxicology tests to see what drugsEugene ability accept taken will yield weeks. Many in law administration suspecthe was hopped up on a new constructed artery biologic alleged “bath salts,” which createsa speedy, amphetamine-like top that can activate acute violence.

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