The Tennessee Titans Problems

Call Him Jeff Fisher.

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I notice, with the problems between Jeff Fisher and the quarterback, of the Tennessee Titans that many opinions have been weigh on about their conflict. While no reporter, from ESPN or any other sports department have talked to Young about the problem between him and his coach.

And, we’re reading that former coaches, of the Oilers, now the Titans are coming down , on Fisher side in the debate. That being Bum Phillip and Jerry Glanville, who reason that one player shouldn’t have the power to create a disturbance.

But, one player isn’t creating the problem as the bias press seems to be reporting. Although , if any coach thinks in reality he has absolute control over any player comments about criticizing his play calling. Then, he a complete fool. Because a good coach with common sense should realize, if players refuses to play in the NCAA or the Super Bowl or any championship. They have more control, of sports than one crying foul about a player.

Out, of this whole mess between Fisher and Young the facts remains that the former quarterback, of the Texas longhorn has never used the press for sympathy the way the coach has cried before news conferences to gather writers, ESPN to his side in this debate.

Bud Adams spoke volume when the Titans was 5-2 for them to get along. And, one of the two went into a mood that you would think the word that many placed upon Young should be placed upon Jeff Fisher, as being immature.

If, the Titans should trade Vince Young, he becomes a threat for another team the way Michael Vick became, a blessing to the Eagles. Which eventually prove more, of a blessing to Young than Fisher. Who seems to be begging to stay coach, of the Titans than to venture other places to see, if he truly can coach.

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