The Raiders Worst Quarterback in History

As a devoted fan of the Oakland/Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders for the past 34 seasons, I’ve seen it all: the good, the bad, and the so terribly ugly. But nothing has prepared me for the utter incompetence of the NFL’s worst player, and certainly the most untalented professional athelete to ever grace the silver and black. If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m speaking of Jamarcus Russell.

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Just this past week, Rich Gannon, Oakland’s former MVP quarterback got himself into some hot water by speaking the truth about Al Davis’s pseudo prodigy, Jamarcus Russell. Well, what can one say about Jamarcus Russell that hasn’t already been said? He’s undoubtedly one of the worst players currently employed by an NFL franchise. Moreover, this overweight and overpaid clod had the gall to hold out for more money before ever tossing a completion in a preseason game. I realize that tossing a completion is no easy feat for him, after all, young Jamarcus is still learning the game. I’m sure the other teams in the Raiders division are pleased with the Raiders choice to bank their future on a completely inept quarterback.

Make no mistake, Jamarcus Russell does not belong on a football field. He has no talent for the game, and some things just don’t develop in time. I don’t care if he can throw a football 100 yards from his back leg. Accuracy is key in big league play, and I’d bet dollars to the donuts Jamarcus is seemingly eating that he could be outplayed by a high school quarterback. If he would eat less and study his playbook more often, then I might have some pity for his so-called “development.” Seriously, he is that terrible. He currently has the lowest passing percentage in the NFL, but this does not fully tell the tale of his woefully inferior skills. Russell makes Marc Wilson look like Stabler or Plunkett! Bring back the surfer boy Todd Merwenivich (sp). I can’t even spell that guy’s name, but he’s still a better option than the lard butt fraud waddling around in the backfield now!

I’ve been a Raider fan for over three decades, and it pains me to admit this fact. I initially had high hopes for Russell; maybe he had a shot at returning the Raiders to the glory they once knew. The Raiders haven’t had a decent quarterback since Gannon left, so it’s only fitting that he berate him with such precision. I know Mr. Davis won’t listen to his fans or the critics, but why must we endure another lost season while waiting for Russell to develop into something other than the number stitched to his jersey? Please–I and other fans of the Raider Nation beg you, Mr. Davis, pull the plug on this bloated brick slinger. It’s okay to make a mistake about a player, but it’s simply unforgivable to continue to squander football games for the sake of making a point. To borrow from your own words during a press conference at the firing of your former coach, Jamarcus Russell is NOT a great player–deal with it! He’s not even a good player. He’s not even a player at all.

It’s time for the Raiders to lick their wounds. I remember the days when I was proud to wear my silver and black Raider garb–even when the team went through slow periods, they never appeared as bad as they do right now. Please, listen to the fans and do something that will turn the Raiders back to winning games. Get rid of Russell, and with any luck, Denver or San Diego might pick him up–not to play mind you, but just to remind the other guys on the team what a real quarterback doesn’t look like.

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