The Nfl’s Worst Injuries

With big hits and a lockout looming it seems that the NFL may soon cease to exist.

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The NFL is a business, always was always will be. But these days the NFL has gotten so much criticism from the employees themselves, the players. Today I got home and got onto Yahoo! to see what news was brewing in the world. I went to the Sports page and say these headlines:

Hines Ward blasts NFL for hypocrisy on player safety

Now Terrell Suggs is bashing the NFL, says league plays favorites

I do not know much about Terrell Suggs as a person off the field but Hines Ward surprises me in the sense that he would come out and talk about the league. He says there shouldn’t be a reason for an 18 game schedule and he is right. The league is only adding two more games to get more revenue. They do not care about player safety as much as we think they do.

I am all for limiting big hits. Chicago Bear former quarterback says he has trouble remembering things, this may be because of football. Jerome Bettis the former pounding running back of the Pittsburgh Steelers will lose his ability to walk in a few years, because of football. 

The players know they put themselves out there on the field but will continue to play for the love of the game. But things are getting to far out of hand and people are starting to realize it, the NFL is too dangerous.

Here are some of the worst injuries in this crazy league

1. Kevin Everret of Buffalo Bills


He broke his spinal cord. Doctors said he would never be able to walk again.

2. Joe Theisman of the Washington Redskins

Lawrence Taylor is arguably the best defensive player of all time. But he ended this young quarterbacks career on a very bad broken leg.

3. Troy Aikman of the Dallas Cowboys

Aikman had his career shortened by a severe concussion. I wonder how he would fare if he played in today’s league.

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