The Greatest Endings in College Football History

The moments we wait for…

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It’s the reason we watch football, in the end.  The chance to witness moments like these.  The moments that become snapshots in time; moments that create immortality for a select few.  Here are some of them…

Holy Buckeyere

Ohio State’s 2002 National Championship season was full of miracles, but this is one that will live on in Buckeye lore forever thanks to Brent Musberger’s emphatic “Holy Buckeye!” exclamation… a miracle ending to what had, up till that point, been an awful football game.  The Bucks held on to win, 10-6.

Hawkeye Magic

It was one of those games you hate to see one team lose.  They went back and forth like a couple of heavyweights in the 2005 Capital One Bowl, With LSU’s Jamarcus Russell throwing a touchdown with under a minute to give the Tigers the lead.  The, on the game’s final play…

The Bluegrass Miracle

You had to feel for Kentucky after this one… just moments remaining, LSU with an entire field to go… the Gatorade had been doused.  One last formality… the last play.

The Game

Perhaps the greatest college football game ever played.  The star power here was like nothing ever seen before; you could have built damn near an entire NFL team from the rosters of these two schools.  And the game lived up to every shred of hype, right down to Vince Young’s last second winning touchdown.

Miami’s Arrival

This was a game in which Miami was expected to roll over and die; instead, as Huskers coach Tom Osbourne made one of the gutsiest calls in football history…

Cal Stanford

Easily the most famous finish in college football history.  John Elway had just led Stanford to the apparent winning touchdown…

Flutie’s Miracle

No description needed for this one; simply the play that won him a Heisman Trophy.

Nebraska Missouri 97

There are fluke plays, and then there was this…

Miracle in Michigan

Just about the only time Keith Jackson ever lost his composure.  A play that will be replayed as long as there is football.

Boise State

This wasn’t Cinderella, it was David and Goliath.  Boise, the novelty bunch from… where, Canada?  The guys with the blue football field.  And perennial powerhouse Oklahoma.  One of the most amazing upsets, finishes, hell.. games.  Period.

Ohio State Miami

Before the USC/ Texas Starcade, there was the 2002 Title game.  Miami could have made the playoffs in the NFL that year, and hadn’t lost in something like 3 years.  Instead of the blowout we all expected, we were treated to a double overtime championship thriller for the ages that culminated here…

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  1. Posted October 23, 2009 at 8:18 am

    A great write!

  2. Posted November 10, 2009 at 7:12 am

    I thoroughly enjoyed this, having been a college football fan all my life (I played in the Nebraska marching band that was at the 1984 Orange Bowl against Miami). Nice compilation of plays here. Well done!

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