Terrelle Pryor as a Sophmore

Pryor may have only taken one snap last season but he seems slated to see a bigger role in the offense in 2012.

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Terrelle Pryor is one of those players people love to talk about, his size (6′6 235), speed, and athleticism capture people’s attention because of the potentially electrifying plays that can come from his style of play. Whether they look at him as a quarterback, running back, wide reciever or tight end he is the type of guy who has the skills, and work ethic to play any position. However my question would be if this guy is so electrifying, and is quite a solid passer why not let him focus his skills as a quarterback, we’ve all seen the impact guys like Mike Vick, or Cam Newton have on a defense and their game plan while it’s no secret that Pryor has similar skills to that of Newton. His coaches have described him as a fan of the game as much as he is a player, and a gym rat a guy whose work ethic shows up in the weight room, and the practice field clearly making strides physically and mentally toward being a starting NFL quarterback something he has every intention of being, not that he is close minded to playing in other spots.

Anytime a guy’s quarterback coach is ranting about his work ethic, and how he has the skills to be a starter in the league you would think people would listen. However I still read story after story about how he should be moved to an h-back like position and be used in a form of the wildcat offense however I truly think the impact of a guy like him stepping into the starting job would bring a whole new mentality to this team. More of a toughness, and a more innovative offense to go with an aggressive defense much like the Raiders of old. It’s no secret that this is a new era for the Raiders with Al Davis gone they need a new face of the franchise and something to excite the fans again. Pryor has the skillset and mentality to bring this team back to being a contender. However the coaches are no fools they know he can only benefit from watching more polished passers in Carson Palmer, and Matt Leinert in practice meaning he will likely have a few more years to wait before he does step into the starting job unless Palmer falters, people will be calling Pryor’s name not Leinert’s when the time comes. The question is will he be ready to step in, and if not will it shake his progress if he is forced to play a couple games?

Only time will really tell, I just hope to see him on the field more often in 2012. He is an exciting player to watch and honestly a part of the newest phase of offense to reach the NFL. He will only help a transformation that seems to be coming to more and more teams in the NFL, with guys like Tebow, Robert Griffin, or Russell Wilson who has recently been capitvating audiences in Seattle.

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