Teaching Women About Football

Can women learn to love football if they understood the game? I am a woman who loves football and want to help other women to understand this thrilling sport.

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Would women like football if they understood the point of the game? This is a topic very close to my heart. I am a woman who loves football! I know, it’s pretty unusual to find a girl who not only likes football, but knows all the positions, and can critique the players with the most expert male fan!

After several years of explaining the game to the supportive, but confused, Pop Warner mothers, I found that the problem does not lie within the “gender” factor, it is about knowledge. Men do not seem to have the patience or desire to take the time to teach their wives, daughters or girlfriends about this great American sport.

I first begin with the most simplistic and basic point of football, the concept. I point out the orange markers, and tell them that the players have four plays to move the ball from the first marker, past the second marker. If they succeed, they get four more tries to hopefully score a touchdown. I point out the down marker which shows where the ball is and how many more tries they have left before the other team takes over the ball and tries to score against our team.

Okay, I know it is very basic information, but I can’t tell you how excited they become once they are aware of the general idea behind game that they spend two hours watching every Saturday.

After they start to understand the basics, we eventually get into what position their son plays and the purpose behind his position. As the season progresses, I am amazed at the excitement and enthusiasm that the women have developed. They become united, they scream, cheer and run up and down the field with each other. The bond has now been created, as the men look at their wives with a new found sense of pride. Can women love football? My answer is an emphatic, YES!

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