Super Bowl 2011 Predictions

Here’s something awesome for those of you who love the Super Bowl. You will definitely enjoy what I found for you.

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Now what sport fan doesn’t love the Super Bowl? Super Bowl Sunday, first Sunday in February, the day when TV’s are watched nationwide in the USA.

Well this year we have a Packers vs Steelers Super Bowl. Pittsburgh and Green Bay will be going out for all the marbles. The winner receives the shiny Vince Lombardi trophy. Some times it comes down to skill, other times luck, and mostly who wants it more. 

But who wants to hear all that?! This is the best part. I found this site where you can get a FREE jersey just for guessing who will win this year’s Super Bowl! Now come on, how could you possibly pass this up? I personally received an Aaron Rodgers jersey just because I like the kid. But hey, who wouldn’t want a FREE jersey!

Don’t believe me, well that picture is my jersey, and you know that you wish you could have one just like it (well, from whatever team you would like). 

So enough of this blabber, here’s the site so you guys can just get your jerseys!

Enjoy guys!! 

P.S. – Had to tinyurl it because the link was too long and ugly, so there you go!

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