Steel City Takes Down The Jets

Big Ben leads Steelers to Super-bowl yet again!

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The Steelers pull out a very exciting win over the New York Jets tonight claiming their space in Super-Bowl XLV. Ben Roethlisberger, even coming into the game injured, found a way to defeat the Jets for the second time this year. And especially when they needed it most!

Coming into the game not knowing what to expect on either side, it was a tough fought four quarters with one absolute out come, and that out come was 24-19 Black&Yellow. For the third time in six years we will see Terrible Towels being waived around the Super Bowl arena. 

Ben and The Steelers have made their goal very apparent this season and despite set backs have triumphed over all odds and competition. They will be meeting Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers in Texas February 6th for this years show down. After the Packers struggled to defeat the Bears and their 3rd string quarter back, the odds are against them for the championship. But anything could happen, it is the Super Bowl and this is Football!

So tune in, show support, and pray for which ever team your supporting. It is going to be a long Bowl this year.

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