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Talks of drafting a new QB in 2010 draft,passing up defensive tackle phenom.

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The St.Louis Rams football team is talking about getting a new quarterback to replace ,in my opinion, washed up quarterback, Marc Bulger.  As I’m sure you already know, the St.Louis Rams need an almost entire new team, and to get a franchise quarterback, they would have to get rid of pretty much their only great player on the entire team, Steven Jackson, Running-back.Also, with getting a franchise quarterback, they would be passing up a possible future NFL hall of fame defensive tackle, he is a phenom, Ndamukong Suh, I know i cannot pronounce his name either, but that is not irrelevant, he could be the answer to the St.Louis Defensive problems, but either way on one side of the ball they will be lacking talent, so which will it be St.Louis, offensive or Defence?

I am a completely dedicated St. Louis Rams fan, and i really hope they do not trade running back Steven Jackson, because with a good quarterback, and offensive line in my opinion Steven Jackson has the potential to be the best running back in the NFL.

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