Seven Professional Christian Football Players and Their Testimonies

Very rarely do we have the pleasure of hearing news about Professional Christian Athletes. Here are some feel good stories.

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It’s difficult sometimes watching the news and seeing selfish professional athletes and celebrities take the center stage. So enjoy reading this, about seven wonderful Christian athletes who live and breathe the Word of God. And if you are interested in learning more about other Christian athletes and celebrities, go to or to this link.

1. Gerald McCoy, Defensive Tackle, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

On the field accomplishments:

-2 Time First Team All American (NCAA)

-2 Time First Team All Big 12

-2005 USA Today High School Defensive Player of the Year

-2005 Gatorade Oklahoma High school Player of the Year

-3rd overall pick 2010 Draft

(McCoy has many, many other accomplishments not listed. These are only a few.)

Christian Views:

His Facebook page proclaims: “I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!”

Here is a guy willing to publicly proclaim the Lord as his Savior. I know fellow Christians that aren’t famous and don’t have all the pressure that comes with being famous that do not do the same. And yet here is a guy who grew up on the rough South Side of Oklahoma City who has everything monetary that a man could desire and yet he still regularly proclaims the Lord publicly. In college Gerald McCoy was a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and has always been open about his relationship with Christ.

Finally, here is another Facebook post: “Surgery successful!! Now I’m back to gaming!! God is good!!!”

God Bless him. For more information about McCoy, visit this Link.

2. Sam Bradford, Quarterback, St. Louis Rams

On the field accomplishments:

-2008 Heisman Trophy Winner

-2008 Davey O’Brien Award

-2008 Sammy Baugh Trophy

-2008 AP Player of the Year

-2008 Sporting News Co-Player of the Year

-2008 Harley Award

-2010 Most completions by a rookie in NFL history

-2010 Most consecutive passes without an interception for a Rookie (169)

(Bradford has many, many other records and accomplishments. These are only a few.)

How he’s a Christian:

Despite all the apparent achievements listed above, Sam Bradford is a humble soul who loves God. And he knows that football is not number one. Check out this video.

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