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Full name Football Club Semen Padang
Nickname Kabau sirah (Ox Red / Red Bull)
Established Sunday, November 30, 1980
Stadium Stadium Agus Salim,
Padang, West Sumatra,
(Capacity: 28,000)
Chairman of the Flag of Indonesia Santoso Widodo
Flag of Indonesia Daconi Secretary
Flag of Indonesia Ampri Satyawan Treasurer
Flag of Indonesia Asdian Manager
Flag of Indonesia Maizar Nile Coach
Indonesia Flag Team Doctor dr. Rifdasri
Super League League
2010-11 Super League, ranking (currently running)

Semen Padang Football Club (formerly the Football Association of Semen Padang) is a football club owned by PT Semen Padang, which is the oldest cement company in Indonesia, established since 1910. Football club that was founded 30 November 1980 is headquartered in Indarung, Padang, West Sumatra, and play a cage match at the Stadium Agus Salim.
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Football Association of Semen Padang (PS Semen Padang) is a former contestant Galatama, semi-professional football competition which was rolled PSSI. Regular funding from the cement company, to make this club continue to exist and has never experienced a financial crisis, such as red plates struck a number of clubs that rely on budget funds. Semen Padang achieved the rank-3 Division of Liga Indonesia 2009-10 until the right promotion to the Super Liga Indonesia 2010-11. Coach at that time was Arcan Iurie (Moldova).


    * Galatama:


    * Division of Major League Indonesia:

        1994-95: Level 5 West Region
        1995-96: Level 9 Western Region
        1996-97: Level 7 West Region
        1997-98: Level 9 Western Region (competition did not finish)
        1998-99: Round 10 of Stage 3 / Stage 2 Group I Western Region
        1999-2000: Stage 6 West Region
        2001: Stage 7 Western Region
        2002: Semifinalis / Stage 1 of the Western Region
        2003: Stage 8
        2004: Stage 15
        2005: Stage 10 Region One
        2006: Stage 11 Region One
        2007: Stage 16 West Region
        2008: Stage 2
        2009-10: Stage 3 Stage 8 General / Stage 1 Group 1
        2011: Level 3 (Target)


Semen Padang currently has a stadium with a capacity of 28,000 seats with the name of Agus Salim Stadium, which is proud of Semen Padang FC stadium and PSP Padang. [Citation needed]

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