San Diego Chargers Blacked Out

The reasons the Chargers did not sell out the home opener.

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What are we going to do now?  The Chargers, Southern California’s only NFL team, were unable to sell out the home opener against Jacksonville on Sunday forcing the NFL to black out the game from the local San Diego television market.

Well, I guess I can get some extra beach time in this weekend.  Its tough down here with the Padres fading and the Chargers drama. 

Then again.  We don’t really care.  I’d call us fair weather fans, but with the San Diego climate that would be dedication.  We are more like,  tell me when we are good and I will tell you the next time we are going to be ’The Kaeding Kook’.

Is this step 1 to L.A. or maybe step 2 or 3?

Black Out Reasons

  1. We didn’t improve.  Running back, ok, maybe, but the other issues of defensive line and a safety were not upgraded.  Big minus at left tackle too.
  2. Norv Turner seems to start the season stuck in SoCal traffic, except for the part where the Starbucks kicks in, you loose your mind, freak out and start yelling at anyone and everyone.  Not marvelous Norval.
  3. Oh the drama started with L.T. and moved right through to Marcus McNeill and Vincent Jackson.  Pick your side, either way, the Chargers lost significant talent.
  4. Cash money
  5. A.J. Smith publicly looked ruthless in his handling of the contract disputes, while paying Antonio Gates millions in guaranteed money.
  6. Public relations nightmare + Jaguars – L.T. + (sum of 1-5)= Black out

Oh well, its only the Chargers.

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