Rich Rodriguez Fired at Michigan

Another one bites the dust.

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     They just aren’t very forgiving in Ann Arbor.  And who can blame them?  The Michigan Wolverines are, after all, the winningest college football team in history.  The Maize and Blue kind of believe that winning is their birthright, and for generations, it has.  Rich Rodriguez was supposed to change things in Michigan, but all he has mustered to date is an 8-14 record and a team that was at times something less than competitive.

     Rich Rodriguez was brought to Michigan in part because of his recruiting prowess, which to date has been far less than stellar.  In short, he has taken a storied franchise that was on the down side and driven it further into the dirt.

     Many are already speculating that Rich Rodriguez is a scapegoat for the University of Michigan, in light of the recent major violations committed by the team that have garnered such media attention.  This is apparently not the case, however;  the decision had been made already, and apparently it was decided to wait until the bulk of the prospect signing had taken place.

     No immediate candidates have been singled out, but the rumors will no doubt be circulating before long.

     It is unclear at this point if the University of Michigan will be in any way penalized for their infractions, which while classified as major, are in actuality not all that serious.

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    Whether true or not i don’t know or care. I think he was wilting to the pressure anyway, and like you said in the article, he was underperformimg. If he isn’t leaving, he better turn things around in a hurry or Michigan will give him the boot. Next year will determine a lot about how long he will be there. Well done.

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