Qb’s to Watch in 2012 Offseason

A look at some quarterbacks to watch in 2012.

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Joe Webb is headed into his 3rd season and he is said to be focusing, finally, only on quarterback duties for the first time in his career. He is a 6′4 running quarterback with a skillset so unique many have compared him to Kordell Stewart. Many offensive coordinators and head coaches looking for quarterbacks in 2013 should take a look at this guy. He is so athletic he has played reciever, returned kicks, and played in the wildcat oh by the way did I mention that he started games at quarterback? He arguably looked better than just about any other quarterback who has come through these doors. In 16 games he has completed 88 of 152 passes for 853 yards 3 tds, and 5 ints, 40 carries for 274 yards and 4 tds, 1 reception for 9 yards, and 1 return for 30 yards. He will be the number 2 quarterback behind Ponder this season again and could wind up eventually seeing starts again over Ponder. Webb could be the next quarterback people are talking about as a potential starter next season in trades.

Dennis Dixon a former 5th round pick with the Steelers had a following voting for him to win a heisman in college, and now a small following touting him as a solid quarterback now in the NFL. Despite decent stats in spot duty behind Ben Roethlisberger many doubters have led to him still being a free agent right now despite potential landing spots in Denver, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and even places like Miami, Jacksonville, and Kansas City. He hasn’t seen a whole lot of time in the NFL but he played well when he got a chance, at the very least he is a wildcat quarterback. I would be surprised to see him not on a roster for 2012.

Brady Quinn has a very real chance to start in 2012 if Cassel plays poorly again or winds up injured again. Quinn was signed to a 1 year deal because he sees exactly what this situation is: A chance for him to compete for a starting job and possibly make himself look better to potential suitors next season. If things work out the Chiefs will have to compete to resign him next season helping him land a better contract. Quinn is still a solid quarterback who has experience in the NFL now, he could be just the guy to beat out Cassel. If it’s not one exBronco’s qb it’ll be another to challenge Cassel. From Orton, to Quinn, next Caleb Hanie?

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