Ohio State to be Stripped of Sugar Bowl Title

Apparently, the NCAA didn’t take the announcement that Terrelle Pryor would be skipping off to the NFL all that lightly, after all.

After making a ‘commitment’ to Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel to stay and serve his 5 game suspension in 2011, it was reported Tuesday that after evaluating his stock in this year’s NFL draft,Terrelle Pryor has changed his mind.

And apparently the NCAA is none too happy.  So according to sources close to the committee, an announcement will be made before the end of the week that the Ohio State football program will not only be forced to vacate its Sugar Bowl victory over Arkansas, but for the entire 2010 college football season. (Congratulations are in order for Michigan for finally finding a way to earn a victory over Trellel’s Buckeyes)

There has been no word as yet as to wheather the NCAA will issue consequences extending into the 2011 season.

On a related note, Cam Newton, the best player money could buy in 2010, celebrated his National Championship with his father (who wasn’t there, by the way).  No NCAA violations there.