Nicki Minaj Music Videos, Stupid Hoe Has Been Banned for Display in The BET

Nicki Minaj music videos, Stupid Hoe has been banned for display in the BET, according to They post on Thursday (2/2), confirming that the network refused to show the colorful video.

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Reported by, TMZ spoke as a representative of BET, and although they have not released an official statement why the video was banned, but they reported that the video was too explicit to air on TV.

Lyrics of the song, no doubt quite disturbing. Where he repeats the phrase, “You are stupid hoe, you hoe and you are stupid,” repeated throughout the song and even uses the phrase b “” ch, video also shows Minaj with different types of wigs and clothing, sports, and make up bright and sometimes digital images that are too often changed and made ​​dizzy.

she also dances and in one scene seemed writhing in a cage with a leopard print costume. Meanwhile, another story says that Minaj will be performing live in the Super Bowl this weekend.

Chanter Super Bass is also scheduled to appear in some big event where Madonna and MIA were also present. And although it is unclear whether Minaj Stupid Hoe will feature in the event, or choose a more peaceful path.
Media Daily Mail also says that the most likely Minaj Simon Cowell on the list to be one of the new X Factor judge, other than Katy Perry and Mariah Carey.

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