NFL Week 3: The Aftermath

NFL Week 3: The Aftermath.

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Cleveland Browns (0-3) at Baltimore Ravens (2-1)

Mo Said: Ravens 31-10

Bo Said: Black Birds 32-3

Final Score:  Ravens 24 Browns 17

The Aftermath!

Bo Says: The Ravens must have coasted on defense, I am high on this team and Flacco finally woke up with connecting to Bouldin, but this team should be rolling. Happy to see the Browns at least move the ball with Seneca Wallace.

Mo Says:  I wouldn’t exactly call what the Raven did against the Browns an offensive breakout; I’m still waiting.  And it won’t come against the Steel Curtain this week.  I’ve been eating crow for almost a month over my preseason prediction of the Steelers sucking.  That won’t stop this week.

Cincinnati Bengals (2-1) at Carolina Panthers (0-3)

Mo Said: Bungles 24-21

Bo Said: Carolina 19-16

Final Score:  Bengals 20 Panthers 7

The Aftermath!

Bo Says: I’m still not sold on the  Cincy Kittens one bit. Jimmy Clausen had his first NFL game and rookie growing pains. The Bengals are garbage, and Carson Palmer is still the king of Suck Land.

Mo Says: The Bungles are a veteran team, and not near as bad as you seem to think.  I agree that Palmer is garbage, but come December they’ll still be in the hunt.  And Brady Quinn, er…. Rick Mirer, er…. yeah, you get the drift.  Claussen is a bust.

Dallas Cowboys (1-2) at Houston Texans (2-1)

Mo Said: Texans 31-20

Bo Said: Texans 34-13

Final Score: Cowboys 27 Texans 13

The Aftermath!

Bo Says: Same old Romo, same old Texans, incosistent and inconsistent, great and terrible. Still on board with the Texans, still not riding the Cowboys title hopes. Still love Arian Foster running the ball.

Mo Says:  Please.  The Cowboys are still one of the most talented teams in the NFL and a legit Super Bowl contender.  There’s a reason that 15-1 and 14-2 don’t happen much any more.  2 losses for the Cowboys isn’t a big deal.  3 would have been.  And the Texans… SSDD.

Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0) at Tampa Bay Buccanneers (2-1)

Mo Said : Steelers 17-6

Bo Said: Bucs 12-6

Final Score: Steelers 38 Bucs 13

The Aftermath!

Bo Says: Charlie Batch looked good, Josh Freeman played a really tough NFL defense. I’m still high on the Steelers. They are for real. The Bucs came back to earth. I can’t say it was totally unexpected.

Mo Says:  You really seem to like this Freeman kid.  I think he’s got upside, but not near enough to pick him against the Steelers D.  And as far as the Steelers, I said pre season this team would win 6 games or so.  I look like a fool, too.  My hat goes off to Coach Tomlin.

Tennessee Titans (2-1) at New York Giants (1-2)

Mo Said: Titans 31-28

Bo Said: G Men 29-27

Final Score:  Titans 29 Giants 10

The Aftermath!

Bo Says: This game was much closer than the score, and Chris Johnson got his 125 ground yards; most in a meaningless fourth quarter. Titans falling, Giants rising and moving the football. The sleeping Giants will awake. Tenessee is good, but not great.

Mo Says:  You’re hitting the sauce again, my friend.  Titans falling?  This is one of the elite teams in the AFC.  And Giants rising?  Seriously?  If the G Strings win 8 games, I’ll change my screen name to BO’s B*tch for a day.

Atlanta Falcons (2-1) at New Orleans Saints (2-1)

Mo Said: ‘Aints 38-21

Bo Said:  Drew Crew 36-17

Final Score: Falcons 27 Saints 24

The Aftermath!

Bo Says: On any given Sunday… I like the Dirty Birds, I like the Drew Crew better, the Saints can’t win every game, and the Falcons want to. Big statement to the entire NFL and especially the NFC.

Mo Says:  Last year’s magic is gone.  The Saints are still an elite team, but in today’s NFL you need a bit of magic to win a Super Bowl.  And I seriously misjudged the Falcons.  This team is every bit as good as the playoff team from a couple of years ago.

Buffalo Bills (0-3) at New England Patriots (2-1)

Mo Said: Pats 31-10

Bo Said: Pats 25-14

Final Score:  Patriots 38 Bills 30

The Aftermath!

Bo Says: C.J Spiller is fun to watch. Joe Cool Tom Brady is who he is and he does his thing, Randy Moss is still a bad ass. Count Bo still all in on the Pats.

Mo Says:  Come on.  They were outclassed by the Jets, and 38-30 over the worst team in the NFL is something less than impressive.  The Pats are the third best team in their division.

Detroit Lions (0-3) at Minnesota Vikings (1-2)

Mo Said: Vikings 27-20

Bo Said: Lions 12-7

Final Score:  Vikings 24 Lions 10

The Aftermath!

Bo Says: Brett Farve is too old to be directing a team and they beat the Lions. Should we be impressed? No. The Vikes have a long, long way to go to even begin to impress me. I do like to watch AP run though.

Mo Says:  Here we go again.  Favre needs to give up control to AP, become a game manager.  Have we heard this song and dance before?  The Vikings lived by the sword last year.  This year they die by it.

San Fransisco 49ers (0-3) at Kansas City Chiefs (3-0)

Mo Said: Chiefs 27-20

Bo Says:  Miner 49ers 17-9

Final Score:  Chiefs 31 49ers 10

The Aftermath!

Bo Says: I don’t believe it. Mo called it with the KC Chiefs. Dammit if I’m not starting to believe in Jamal Charles and Co. I’ll gladly eat it this week. I’m beginning to not know what to expect from The Mike Singletary Experiment. At least we can agree they are still in the experimental stage. Perhaps an experiment gone wrong!

Mo says:  Yup.  I’m not saying this is a Super Bowl contender, but they’ll be in the discussion come playoff time.  And the problem with SF is simple.  No quarterback.  You can win in the NFL with great running and defense (see: Steelers) but the Niners aren’t great at either.  They need an elite quarterback.

Washington Redskins (1-2) at St. Louis Rams (1-2)

Mo Says: Redskins 31-17

Bo Says:  Rams 21-19

Final Score:  Rams 30 Redskins 16

The Aftermath!

Bo Says: The Education of Sam Bradford resulted in a win, and a Bo Jack grin! Ha Mo! Shanny and Donovan suck up a loss this week in a game they should have owned, Oh well… It’s the NFL and that’s why we play the games right?

Mo Says: Yeah, the Skins disappointed me this time around, just as I’m hopping on the McNabb bandwagon.  This was a reminder that as good as McNabb is, there really isn’t a lot of talent around him.  And I agree… if he stays healthy, Bradford is the real deal.

Philadelphia Eagles (2-1) at Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2)

Mo Says: Eagles 31-21

Bo says: Jags 17-16

Final Score:  Eagles 28 Jags 3

The Aftermath!

Bo Says: Should I be surprised? MJD was not enough to overcome the Mike Vick Experience. I’m not worried though, Michael Vick always causes cancer to develop on his team, and his play breaking that proceeds play breaking will show through sooner or later. Kevin Kolb will be back in the saddle soon.

Mo Says:  Can’t argue.  If the Eagles were smart, they’d unload Vick while his trade value is high.  Several teams more than interested.

San Diego Chargers (1-2) at Seattle Seahawks (2-1)

Mo SaysBolts 28-17

Bo Says:  Super Chargers 49-26

Final Score:  Seahawks 27 Chargers 20

The Aftermath!

Bo Says: Norv Turner is the worst head coach ever. Mo can have this one if he wants it. It was kind of fun seeing PR go off for over 400 yards as I told you all he would, but I also expected a double digit victory too. I lose my ass big, but alas, not to worry, this is the Chargers trademark, start slow finish strong. OK Mo, fill my ear with it…

Mo Says:  just imagine what Rivers could do with real receivers.  I don’t see a strong finish for your Bolts, Bo.  This looks for all the world like an 8-8 team.

Indianapolis Colts (2-1) at Denver Broncos (1-2)

Mo SaysColts 35-17

Bo Says:  Colts 42-14

Final Score:  Colts 27 Broncos 13

The Aftermath!

Bo Says: Why do the teams that suck keep hanging around early? The Colts owned this game but the Donkeys still were almost competitive, and that’s not right, they shouldn’t have scored at all.

Mo Says:  The Colts just ain’t what they used to be.  The fact that they’re as good as they are is a testament to Peyton’s greatness.  Put an average QB under center for this team, they go 4-12.  Maybe.

Oakland Raiders (1-2) at Arizona Cardinals (2-1)

Mo Says: Cards 27-24

Bo Says:  Raiders 19-17

Final Score:  Cardinals 24 Raiders 23

The Aftermath!

Bo Says: That’s the last time I go with the Raiders in a close game. The Redbirds all but gave the game away and Janikowsky, a retard with one simple job on a team of rejects can’t do the one thing he is there for. People wonder why the Raiders suck year after year…

Mo Says:  No one wonders.  It’s simple.  Al Davis is an idiot, and the game of football has passed him by.

New York Jets (2-1) at Miami Dolphins (2-1)

Mo Said‘Fins 14-13

Bo Said:  Jets 28-21

Final Score Jets 31 Dolphins 23

The Aftermath!

Bo Says: Wasn’t even close. The Jets had their number all night long, even if it did come down to the final play

Mo Says: Yeah, I was disappointed with Miami on this one.  They just can’t seem to take that last step to the top level.

Green Bay Packers (2-1) at Chicago Bears (3-0)

Mo Said: Packers 34-17

Bo Said: Packers 31-10 

Final Score Bears 20 Packers 17

The Aftermath!

Bo Said: Even though they dominated this game, too many mental mistakes cost them dearly. The Pack is good but the Bears were better on this night, not much else to say, except the officiating was downright terrible.

Mo Said:  Nothing like a good early season wake up call.  No way to survive a game making that many mistakes.  This should, by all rights, have been a blowout.  McCarthy’s coaching comes heavily into play, especially the way he handled the last two minutes.

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  1. Posted September 28, 2010 at 7:06 am

    Nice article Bo. I’m sorry to say big guy, but i think big Mo got lucky and beat you by four games this week. How do both of you stand for the year so far. I think you’ll come back strong this week. Remember Bo, you can’t let a Big Ten Homo get the best of you………..

  2. Posted September 28, 2010 at 8:11 am

    Nice Work

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