Matthew Stafford – Starting Quarterback for The Detroit Lions

An injury has made the path to the starting job as quarterback even clearer.

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Many assumed that given his high draft selection and large contract that Matthew Stafford would be a shoe-in to be the starting quarterback for the Detroit Lions on opening day.  Stafford was picked number one overall at the 2009 NFL Draft and the former UGA quarterback signed a six year contract with almost $42 million guaranteed.

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Often times rookie quarterbacks are forced to hold the clipboard and take notes while a veteran quarterback takes the snaps.  Matt Leinart as a rookie was behind Kurt Warner.  JaMarcus Russell as a rookie sat behind Josh McCown.  It could have been the same way for Stafford and the Lions but it seems that there is not a veteran quarterback eligible to play for the Lions on opening day now.  Daunte Culpepper had to have six stitches in his foot after cutting his toe in an off-the-field activity.

Stafford will start the Lions’ last preseason game Thursday night at Buffalo, and it would appear now that he will start opening day.  And really he should.  What could go wrong?  How could a team that went win-less (a remarkable 0-16) get any worse?

The 2008 season saw two quarterbacks chosen in the first round of the draft start the season at quarterback for their respective teams and make an impact.  That was Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons and Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens.  Both teams made the playoffs last season.

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While no one expects the Detroit Lions to obtain a playoff spot this season, it still has to be the expectation and hope of their fan base to see the future play now and see what he can do.

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