India Defeated England in Football: 2-1

Never under estimate the weaker ones.

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Proud Bangalee!

Hundred years back in 1911, three important and significant historical events happened in the Indian Sub-continent. Then India conforms of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.  One- Bengal breaking up problem solved known as ‘Banga-Vanga’, the capital of India shifted from Calcutta to Delhi, and today’s topic Mohanbagan Football club defeated English football club East Yorkshire Regiment and clinched the IFA Shield. This is the first ever-Indian football club that had won the IFA Shield. The final game held on July 29, 1911, Mohanbagan beat East Yorkshire Regiment 2-1, which was held in the Calcutta football club field.

Mohanbagan reached final by drawing with Middlesex Regiment in the previous day, which incited the total Bengal with suspense and in the final within 2pm the stadium was packed and estimated 1,00,000 spectators attended, and many hundred others were outside the field peeping and shouting but couldn’t enjoy the match. The ticket price was black-marketed and sold @Tk. 15/-, the face value was Tk. 2/-, and treetop people were doing the commentary. The Empire Estate Newspaper set up a temporary kiosk with telephone line to telecast the hotline news to the four corners of India. The main architects of the winning were Bangalee players Rajen Sen and Jatin Roy from Dhaka, Shib Das Vaduri and Bijoy Das Vaduri was from Faridpur and Avilash from Mymensing district of Bangladesh. Captain was Shib Das Vaduri who along with Avilash made the team won. Shib Das was known as the football magician, in this match he scored one goal and Avilash scored another goal from his passing. Final score Mohanbagan 2- East Yorkshire Regiment 1.

After the match there started a carnival like atmosphere, which was not seen before in the Indian Colony, all the fans started to through their sticks, hats, caps, tearing up shirts and t-shirts and throwing up in the sky. It was an avalanche ecstasy, if you like. Reuters News Agency cablegramed the news to the whole world dated July 29, I911,  “For the first time in the history of Indian football, an Indian team, the Mohanbagan consisting purely of Bengalese, has won the Indian Football Association Shield beating crack teams of English Regiments. At the final today there was a scene of extra-ordinary enthusiasm…”

 Avilash, nick named black monster, for his skin color, born in Mymensing, died in 1955;

Shib Das from Faridpur, nick named football magician, expired in 1932, and

Bojoy Das also from Faridpur, famous for his footwork and dribbling died in 1936.

Short and gutsy Rajendra Nath Sen Gupt, the youngest team member aged 21, from Dhaka was famous for his stamina, speed and courage, died in 1948. He was remembered as the pioneer in Bengali language football commentary.

Jatindra Nath Roy, nick named Kanu Roy from Dhaka, very remarkable for his speed and agility with the ball died in 1962.

In this follow ups, 1920 Calcutta East Bengal Club was established where most of the players used to be recruited from Bangladesh.


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    it must be a great match

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    Indeed it’s an inspirational and great festival match if you like..

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    Knowing that India is a cricket powerhouse and not a footballing nation, that defeat must have been the biggest upset in soccer history! I am not sure India has been able to repeat that once more!

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    I like Indian Team.

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