Guaranteed NFL Picks Week Two

Are you ready for some football?

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Let’s take a look at week 2 ladies and gentlemen…

Oakland at Buffalo

Let’s be honest here… the Oaktown Raiders just don’t match up well against the Water Buffaloes. The linebackers are just too much and Ryan Fitzpatrick began blossoming last year and his light shined brightly last week. Good win for the home team this week.

Bills 28-14

1:00 pm CBS – HD (Regional)

Green Bay at Carolina

Uh-oh, this will be ugly. Can Newton had a great game last week; but that just won’t continue here. He will get his real NFL welcome this week thanks to Fabio~Clay Matthews, A.J.Hawk and friends. Not to mention the awesome offense courtesy of Aaron Rodgers and a fully healthy supporting cast, including TE Jermichael Finley and his receiving buddies, and one of the best O-Lines in the game.

Pack 35- 13

1:00 pm FOX

Arizona at Washington

Yes, Rex Grossman had a good game last week. Yes the Redskins are better than advertised. (Get used to that, you’ll hear it from me a lot; one of the great things about the NFL) but Captain Kolbman and the Redbirds bring too much to the table here, and should eek out a victory against the home team.

Cards 17- 14

1:00 pm FOX

Baltimore at Tennessee

A year ago with the Titans at home and Jeff Fisher coaching this would be a close game to call. Not today. Joe Flacco has heard enough chirping in his ear, beat up on the Steelers last week and is ready to start a run for the Black Birds. It looks like he may have finally grown into Cam Cameron’s offense. Matt Hasselbeck is not the savior here.

Ravens 31-15

1:00 pm CBS – HD (Regional)

Seattle at Pittsburgh

Pitt at home versus the Seagulls after an embarrassing loss to the Ravens? Sorry Coach Carroll, but your boys are going down this week. Tavaris Jackson over Charlie Whitehurst? Wouldn’t have been my choice. Big Ben seeks and will achieve redemption in week two. Don’t forget the serious weapons he has, as well as the aging but still very capable defense.

Steel Curtain 29-13

1:00 pm FOX

Jacksonville at N.Y. Jets

What is this? A college level QB and MJD and Kassim Osgood the only bright spots on this team versus the loaded Jets? Just kidding sort of, the Jags always play above their level, but the Jets are just plain stacked all over the roster. I see no chance for the Spotted Cats to come away victorious, and the Jets are riding a high after taking out Tony Blowmo and friends on MNF (Monday Night Football).

Jet Airliners 28-10

1:00 pm CBS – HD (Regional)

Chicago at New Orleans

Oh, I like this one. I love to hate the Bear Cubs but they made some great offseason moves, and much as I hate to admit it, I’m a big Brian Urlacher/Tommy Harris and company fan. I have a love/hate relationship with Gay Cutler (hope I spelled his name right) but the Drew Crew just has so much firepower I have to pick them in about 14 or 15 games this year. Too many names to list. This will be one not to miss though, will be a good fight.

Saints 28- 24

1:00 pm FOX

Kansas City at Detroit

OK. I’ve been waiting for a game like this. If you’ve followed me for the last couple or few years, you know I like the Lions and have been watching them build. With or without big Matt Stafford back under center, they are a force, especially with the defense, most especially Ndamukong Suh. The KC Chumps have some guys who can run the ball no doubt, as well as speed and Dwane Bowe. But they will lose…

Lions 23-14

1:00 pm CBS – HD (Regional)

Cleveland at Indianapolis

I never thought I’d see the day I’d pick the Browns over the Colts, and I still won’t. I almost did, but they’re at home and Kerry Collins won’t go out two weeks in a row like last weeks lashing at the hands of the Texans. He’s old but he has some game left and a great surrounding cast. My tossup of the week… Blue Ponies over the Dawgs:

Colts 21-20

1:00 pm CBS – HD (Regional)

Tampa Bay at Minnesota

Tough game to call here. I love the Josh Freeman Machine, but I hope for the best with Donovan. I really think the old man has too much experience and too many weapons to let this one go; so…

Vikes 28-24

1:00 pm FOX

Dallas at San Francisco

I want the Gold Miners to win, but even though they are at home and they play the underachieveing Cowgirls, I have to put my money on the visitors.

Dallas 31-18

4:05 pm FOX

Cincinnati at Denver

The Kittens got lucky last week and the Donkeys got beat. Experience doesn’t lose out two straight weeks. I like Orton but both of these teams are sub-standard NFL caliber. So I give a half hearted Mile High Salute.

Donkeys 26-17

4:15 pm CBS – HD (Regional)

San Diego at New England

GAME OF THE WEEK~maybe the season. This will be a dogfight. By dogfight I mean an aerial war in close combat. The Brady Bunch has shown time and again why they are among the elite in the AFC. The 17th Airborne division is about to show why they should be among the most feared in the AFC. This will be a shootout, no doubt about it. PR is ready to show his moxy to the country and shut up all the talkers. He’ll need a quick start to do that. This is a regular season game so Norv Turner might show us why the other coaches respect him. The Super Chargers show the nation…

Bolts 45-41

4:15 pm CBS – HD (Regional)

Houston at Miami

Arian Foster has practiced this week; not they they weren’t super productive without him. The Dolphins had a great game offensively in a losing effort against the mighty Pats. This ought to be a pretty fun game to watch. I think this will be my upset of the week. The Texans get cocky when they beat the Blue Ponies, and they play the Colts twice a year. So lets just say…

Fins 23-19

4:15 pm CBS – HD (Regional)

Philadelphia at Atlanta

All offense questionable defense on both opponents here. Gut says…Matty Ice at home.

Dirty Birds 28-25

8:20 pm NBC
Monday, Sep. 19
Game Time TV

St. Louis at N.Y. Giants

As much as I like him and as far as he’s grown, I don’t think The Education of Sam Bradford is quite ready for The Book of Eli on the grand stage at home. I think the offense of the Giants is more than the Rams can overcome here. Eli has his moments and I think he has one here.

G-Men 20-18

8:30 pm ESPN

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  1. Posted September 16, 2011 at 8:49 am

    I do follow football but you done a great job here, keep on truckin’.

  2. Posted September 16, 2011 at 1:31 pm

    you started strong but your last few picks were horrendous. A new england is going to crush san diego at home.

    Matty ice looked like he was on ice last week, unless something gets a whole lot better in atlanta they are going to get spanked by the eagles.

    i dont see the fins winning two in a row all season. they won last week so I have to give it to texas.

    If G men go down to rams we will start hearing chants for a coaching change, yet again in new york. I think bradford pulls it off.

    i also think cardinals redkskins will be a much higher scoring affair. the cards offense was snake bit last week giving it away twice in the redzone they should have scored 38 points.

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