Grandma Auditions to be Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader!

Check out this 55 year old woman who tried out for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders this weekend! LIKE this page if you think she should keep following her dreams, no matter what your age is. :)

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Sharon Simmons, a 55-year old grandmother of two, auditioned for the 2012 Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.Simmons would be 56 at the start of the 2012 NFL regular season. If she makes the team, she’d be the oldest Dallas Cowboys cheerleader in history, 14 years older than the previous record-holder. She wanted to audition for the team when she was 22, but couldn’t for varies reasons ,including lack of money. However, now as a successful fitness author ahd burgeoning actor, she decided to give it a shot.She hired a former Cowboys cheerleader to help her prepare for the audition. Sharon says,”There is absolutely no difference between her body and those twenty something year olds”. “Sadly, the tryout wasn’t a success”, she tells The Dallas Morining News,”I forgot my routine during the freestyle portion of the tryout.”

She is definetly right about her body looking like a twenty year old. For a picture, check out this page: I think lots of people, including me, are very proud of Sharon Simmons. I’m glad she tried out. You don’t want to ever say…I wonder what would have happened if…….Not the typical grandmother but I hope she continues to set a good example for everyone that age doesn’t mean defeat.

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  1. Posted May 8, 2012 at 10:54 am

    You GO GIRL!! Its never to late to follow your dreams. And you are right, there isn’t no difference between those twenty year old bady and yours:)

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