Dook Loses in NCAA March Madness!

Oh no, so sad! Duke Blue Devils have lost their bid for the NCAA Final Four.

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Tough loss for the Dook Blue Devils tonight in the March Madness fun and games. While Dook has a good 3-point game, being a one-trick pony doesn’t always get you what you need.

Coach K has a consistently successful program, and Rivers is a star in the making. But for now, Dook is done.

By the way, here is a bit of history on the Tobacco Road basketball rivalry. Many think that UNC and Dook is the big rivalry, but in reality the longstanding rivalry has been between UNC and N.C. State. Dook has become a factor since Coach K took control; prior to that, Dook was largely a non-entity. So Coach K and his patent-leather hair-do have done great things for the school’s b-ball program.

That said, even today when you go to a UNC ballgame – basketball, football, whatever – and no matter who UNC is playing, the chant after the school song “Hark The Sound of Tarheel Voices” is “Go to He** State!” Not Dook. State.

Don’t you love the tradition of those old schools?

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