Couple Free Agency Moves I Liked.

Taking a look at a couple signings or trades that I was happy to see.

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The first signing I found very smart was the 49ers signing Josh Johnson from Tampa. He is extremely athletic and a solid passer who has experience in their offensive system from his days with Jim Harbaugh in college. He provides a more veteran back-up who will compete with last season’s second round pick for the top back-up spot and could also see time in wildcat packages.

The Broncos signed former C.S.U. tight end Joel Dreesen who has spent his career in Houston as the primary back-up to Owen Daniels. He is a decent blocker who can stretch the field from the tight end spot and open up the middle of the defense. Paired with fellow signee Jacob Tamme from Indy I believe these guys with Peyton Manning will provide a more balanced passing attack that can victimize just about any defense. Slot reciever Andre Caldwell could potentially be a great signing by the Broncos as well, after losing Eddie Royal to the Chiefs.

Michael Bush going to the Bears may have left Matt Forte a little hurt about the signing but what were the Bears to do right now? Marion Barber was not working out as his back-up, and they needed someone they can rely on with Forte having been injured late last season. He will provide a solid 1, 2 punch with Forte and provides great insurance should Forte be injured again or choose to get a little too upset about their current situation. Bush is the better of the two in terms of short yardage, and inside the tackles type running relying more on running a defender over rather than skirting around him. Forte may be the better of the two as a reciever but Bush is no slouch in the passing game either having caught 91 passes in 4 seasons with the Raiders. I can’t wait to see the Bears run game this season. Marion Barber retired after this signing following his 7th season and 2nd time with 2 teams becoming the 3rd string back.

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