Chad Ocho Cinco Cut by Patriots

Not a huge surprise after they signed three veterans, and resigned just about every other receiver on the roster. But my question is where does this leave him in the eyes of other teams?

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Chad Ocho Cinco had a quiet season last year no matter how you define “quiet” whether you’re talking statistics or his antics on or off the field he seemed to almost disappear into New England’s way of life. However it was a short lived time with the team having been released after just one season. He caught 15 passes for 276 yards and 1 touchdown, all his lowest totals since entering the NFL. I was one of many people touting the move expecting a Randy Moss type situation where Ocho Cinco enjoyed a resurgence in his career due to the system, and talent around him but rather he only started 3 games and never found a rythem with the team in general. It’s arguably been a full 4 seasons now since he was a true number 1 receiver having caught over 67 passes just once in 2009 when he was paired with Terrell Owens. In 2008, 2010, and 2011 he managed to total just 1,647 yards and 9 touchdowns, statistics he has enjoyed in a single season before. At this point there are questions about his character, his production, and possibly even his work ethic allow that has never been an issue with him before. At 34 years old I for one believe he still has a couple seasons left in him but the question is where could he go and be succesful?

The Jaguars are the most likely team to try and sign the 34 year old after reports in various newspapers say that he looks strong and in great shape. The most obvious reason is their lack of any receiver that anyone can name, but also the fact that is former offensive coordinator in Cincy is now running the offense in Jacksonville. During the years in which Ocho Cinco was still Chad Johnson and racking up catches, yards and touchdowns like nobody’s business. Yet another reason; Ocho Cinco already owns a home in Florida as well but is actually closer to one other team that is likely to pursue the Veteran:

The Miami Dolphins, besides the obvious draw of the team being on Hard Knocks this offseason (basically a national tryout for his next team), and his home in Miami this move actually makes plenty of sense. He could bring to the table a veteran receiver that can compliment Brian Hartline and Davonne Bess while making them better. He is a cheaper, and arguably more grounded option than Brandon Marshall was for the team making him a smart move for the Dolphins. The problem I for see with him signing in Miami is the quarterback situation, he is looking for somewhere to further his career, not further stunt his career, and with 3 unproven options at quarterback he may see Dallas as the best landing spot.

Dallas is searching for a 3rd receiver to compliment Dez Bryant, and Miles Austin. Ironically they lost Laurent Robinson to the Jaguars this offseason who could either be Chad Ocho Cinco’s future teammate, or be the reason he got a job in Dallas. I personally Dallas will be his landing spot, he knows Tony Romo provides the best qb situation of the bunch, while the other receivers on roster would allow him to see far less double teams, and will allow him to line up in the slot at times.

The Chiefs may sound like an unlikely landing spot but I have a sneaking suspicion that the team isn’t set at receiver in their mind and will make a move on him believing they can sign him to a one and done deal to help their push for the playoffs this season. He could wind up being an x factor for a team that has struggled in recent years despite tons of offensive talent. Ocho Cinco could possibly bring them more stability.

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