Bengals Week 5: Time to Start Thinking About The Future

Time for the Bengals to cut ties with their QB.

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               “Bengals Week 5:  Time to start thinking about the future”

Back again with a few more thoughts on the Bengals and their woes of late. At home this week against a young but surprisingly tough Tampa Bay team, once again the fortunes of  the Bengals   turn on whether their offense in general and the quarterback in particular can get on the right track and live up to their hype.

Coming off a three hundred yard plus game last week in a loss against the Browns, it didn’t bowed well for or team early when deep in his own end of the field , Palmer let fly with one of his patented misses that quickly turned into a pick six. I hate to echo a feeling that is being beat to death WTF people.

There is no way they lose this game. Aside from the one in the first half I just mentioned, he threw two more with less then three minutes to go to hand this game to the Bucs gift wrapped with a big old bow. The first one should have been a hand off to Cedric Benson and then a punt and the last one was him threading a Needle he hasn’t been able to do since 2005. 

As I sat and watched this Nonsense unfold I could only think that the man is thirty years old and hr has been going backwards statistically for the past four years. He has the happy feet in the pocket way to much, and like I said last week you cant be so caught up in getting everyone involved in the offense that you lose site of who is really getting open. 

Look people , we don’t have anybody waiting in the wings and given the fact that is will take a while to decide which way they want to go, its time to start thinking about the long term future. This team isn’t going to stay together for very many more years and you need to start thinking about who will be the leader when you start re building or reloading. 

The name that sort of pops in my head is some one that probably wont return for his senior year. If the buckeyes win it all this year, I think that he will come out and he would be perfect to be under Palmer for a half a year to a year.

             In short, Palmer is done; he has been done for at least a couple of years. Time to turn the page.

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