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Many anglers try to solve problems by thinking like an angler when they really need to think like a fish. Now I don’t know about you, but I want to catch the biggest fish possible as consistently as possible when I spend my hard-earned cash and my valuable hours fishing.

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Solving your fishing problems by thinking “like a fish” and not like an angler is probably one of the least covered of fishing topics, for many reasons. But just the practice and development of this hidden skill will not only improve your big fish catches massively in the short-term, but better your catches for the rest of your life! Don’t think about it; read on!

It is best to solve most of your fishing challenges and problems by beginning with understanding fish and observation of behaviours; not to reach for the tackle and bait adverts first! It takes practice and an open mind, that’s all! I remember a time years ago now, when the famous UK Woburn Abbey wels catfish adapted to very intense fishing pressure from anglers by switching-off from all previously successful “conventional baits.”

They refusing to take them, relying for their survival upon natural food items instead. Using observation it became clear they were preying upon small zander in the margins of the lake. Therefore when small zander were used as bait, immediate success followed after weeks of struggling using popular recommended baits. Using baits which arouse zero or as little suspicion as possible (ideally with the maximum stimulation) has always been the biggest point about fishing baits (as well as the hook!)

“It is not just what you’ve got, but it’s the way that you do it!” You can get many more fishing “edges” by “reverse engineering” our baits rigs and tackle from the perceived view-point of the “angler-conditioned fish danger reference points.” Possibly the most effective ways to uncover edges is not just by methodically refining already existing and currently popular and “relatively” currently successful ideas, rigs, baits and tackle.

Often it is difficult to work out who came up with original ideas maybe about fishing “bivvy” design, rig design, bait design, rod design, bed chair design, or whatever, because so many others copy it and claim it as their own. Also it is a very peculiar fact that a certain “group consciousness” appears to be at work in the creative department of our minds. This is the strange when where a number of people, even in different locations around the world come up with very similar designs and inventions almost simultaneously.

The same phenomenon been proven to be the case with isolated island monkeys too. (I derogatively used to term this the “monkey mentality,” of some anglers!) Having discovered the art of using a stick as a tool to pick insects and larvae out of tree bark and wood was a new skill that spontaneously appeared on many isolated islands with populations of that species of monkey.

But what about the potency of creating completely new breakthrough baits, rigs methods, tactics and tackle completely from scratch! Now in fishing this may seem impossible but it certainly is not. The concept of “plucking ideas out of “thin air’ is not so insubstantial an idea as it first seems, especially in regard to improving your fishing results. Many anglers were using “the hair-rig” way before it was claimed as an invention of 2 particular anglers and details of it were published. (Even I used it with small fish baits for eels as a kid)!

Einstein could produce ideas out of “thin air” and so did Nicola Tesla, the most world-changing inventor in modern history. His “alternating current” and the electric motor among others world changing technologies he patented have advanced the world and connected it in so many ways it’s almost impossible to imagine. Many of Tesla’s most cutting-edge and completely revolutionary new inventions were put down on paper straight from scratch; without intellectual development!

Much of the secretive “star wars technology” is Tesla’s. He mistakenly gave the leading governments of the second world war era designs, so potent he thought the making of which would end all wars, because use of this technology would easily wipe-out life on earth; ironically enough, by harnessing its own energetic fields! (Unfortunately however, not all leaders or their advisors are necessarily sane; there are plenty of obvious examples throughout human history!)

It was as if the new idea had simply manifested in his head in complete finished form with all the details and practical parts and mathematical formula all ready to be written down. In fact he often miraculously came up with new inventions by having completely new designs appear in complete form instantly in his mind.

In fact many of his patents and inventions are still so ahead of their time, no other scientists can figure out how to put them into reality as science has not “evolved” that far yet! The fact that the light bulb inventor Thomas Edison took credit for much of Tesla’s work is a tragedy. Thomas Edison even accepted nationally acclaimed awards owing to work done by Tesla and totally stealing the limelight from Tesla and even trying to discredit him (a foreign Serbian migrant to the States.) Compared to Edison, “Nicola Tesla” is also most a forgotten name in world history – the US government has been forced to attribute many patents to Tesla not Thomas Edison in significant court proceedings!

Thomas Edison was a self-educated scientist and inventor who did things the hardest and most conventional way possible – by trial and error, using methodical scientific methods. His invention of the light bulb famously involved 9999 ways how “not to invent alight bulb!” (Many similarities with fishing baits, but at least 80 percent of homemade baits catch fish regardless of many mistakes made!)

Edison was absolutely enraged by the fact that Tesla could “invent” completely ground-breaking new concepts and practical ideas and inventions in schematic annotated form seemingly “instantly” without the hundreds and thousands of developmental trials and tests he had to carry out. But them Nicola Tesla was a genius of extraordinary stature! And Edison was jealous as heck of him! (Edison became the much applauded and awarded national hero of the scientific “establishment” of the United States; Tesla tragically died destitute in a hotel room, alone in New York City…

Each time you switch on your television consider the red colour you see; Tesla invented it. When you turn on you computer in your house or office without Tesla there would not be the power to sustain it. In fact there would probably be electricity generating stations buzzing away in their millions instead of issuing forth from relatively few power stations, if Edison had gotten his direct current established! Tesla even had proven plans for free communications across the world by harnessing the earth’s “free energy…” (J.P.Morgan the financier withdrew support when he realised it was free and not something to provide him with more millions.)

So can you come up with an original fishing idea of any idea completely from scratch? I believe any one can, provided they know exactly what they are trying to solve in very great detail and simply meditate on it. In the case of fishing, it is very difficult to do this when your mind is jumbled full of other peoples’ second-hand ideas, methods, techniques, bait ideas etc. What you need to do is identify your greatest fishing problem pick it apart to see where the difficult to solve parts of the puzzle are and simply and meditate on this! I’ve come-up with many bait and rig solutions just doing this…

This fishing bait secrets author has many more fishing and bait “edges.” Just one could impact on your catches!


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    Was this an article on fishing or Nicola Tesla? I never did read about any “bait advice”. At least, none to speak of.

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