Carp Bait Recipes For Winter And Proven Homemade Fishing Success Secrets!

Get real about carp baits! Think about it; everyone can do better than they think they can, if they only knew how! Finding that inspiration, that bit of the puzzle, that makes all the difference! If you want to do far better you need to open your eyes and mind to make way for new fresh information, and break old out-dated patterns and shed old thoughts that are blocking your success. This is how top sportsmen reach the top. Read on and be inspired!

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Get real about carp baits! Think about it; everyone can do better than they think they can, if they only knew how! Finding that inspiration, that bit of the puzzle, that makes all the difference! If you want to do far better you need to open your eyes and mind to make way for new fresh information, and break old out-dated patterns and shed old thoughts that are blocking your success. This is how top sportsmen reach the top. Read on and be inspired!

So many anglers get the impression that success is about particular parts of the puzzle, such as the fishing method you use, or the items of tackle, the reels, alarms, or even the baits you use. But it is not this that really matters at all. In fact if the aim really is to get a hook into the mouth of a wary carp you can do this with a bent pin or staple, fine sewing nylon and a length of strong cane with strong elastic on it, with a worm on your specially-fashioned hook. Obviously you may not land the fish, but you can certainly hook it.

But get this point; the fact is that success is really about how you get into the position to leverage all the modern advantages that all the magazines and fishing companies today are promoting. That means that you, you yourself are your biggest edge in fishing. Once you get that, then your focus can shift from looking outside of yourself for answers, to looking directly at how you can develop yourself as an angler internally. Ultimately you need to understand carp. With this most vital understanding you can compete against the best anglers and know even on an instinctive level, how to best leverage all the competitive advantages and benefits of all the fishing products and baits available to you.

Now many of you reading this will have been looking for short, quick simple easy solutions to catch more fish. The best easy quick simple solution to improve your big fish catches for life is self-education about fish! It is simple; understanding how fish detect bait substances, how you can maximize this in your unique favour, understanding how to achieve situations where fish look for your bait as opposed to other baits, such advantages are gold dust; yet so few anglers know this!

But get this big picture, of how fish water and your bait all interreact and you will always be able to stay ahead of your fish and of competing anglers and their baits no matter how good they are, as long as you tune in fully and use the advantages you have instead of simply follow old patterns, old methods, old paradigms about baits and how to use them and how they might work etc.

For example, you might think that one recipe for success is to soak pop up boilies or pellets in neat flavour, maybe pineapple, or in butyric acid for example. But when you know how fish actually detect such substances, and you know how to enhance these substances and manipulate fish senses in certain ways and make such substances far more than just attractors then you really do have the advantage.

Many anglers seem to be themselves addicted to using baits with highly recognizable fruity smell and tastes. But how many realize that a great part of the success of such flavours in baits is due to how water reacts with these substances and just how vitally significant this fact is? How many anglers even know the pH of the flavour or flavours combined with other liquids etc they are using in their baits?

How many anglers even know the pH of their readymade or homemade baits mixed in lake water and know how this can be manipulated far more to achieve far greater success? Certain bait company bosses certainly realize this, but we can always do better right!

It is all about getting the bigger picture of how fish most easily detect a new opportunity as oppose to a threat, in the form of your bait, and how much your understanding and practical understanding of fish, the water, entire ecosystems and use of tackle and materials can achieve the result of bypassing fish caution and conditioned fears to enable fish to make mistakes with your hook baits as frequently as possible.

I hate to say it but there are not many bait sponsored anglers out there who truly understand the bait they use and believe it or not, they are actually losing masses of catching opportunities by this ignorance. I am referring to many well known names here who recommend you do what they do, yet do you see my point that if they cannot fully maximize baits they use because they just do not understand how fish really work internally and externally, and do not understand how baits react in water and in contact with fish senses and in terms of internal physiology, how can you really expect to depend on everything they say as being the best that you yourself can do?

Frankly this situation is nothing new and I think that 30 years ago the top anglers really could tell you the best you could do because these guys really understood baits and fish and the whole dynamics of the process of applying bait substances for specific effects within fish to such an incredibly advanced degree. In those days the cult of bait secrecy was a trigger for loads of anglers to get into fish and into bait big time as they saw the huge competitive advantages of using unique baits and related methods of applications and presentation more so than today I feel.

There were far more influential ground breaking anglers 30 years ago than today who really and truly understood bait and fish relationships very deeply, but certainly not all these guys took part in the commercialization of carp fishing; some are very little known. Who has heard of Pete Pemberton today for example? I could name loads of extremely influential great anglers who kept a pretty low profile. My point is that there are great anglers (among the best) with great insight, which are not found in popular carp magazines who enjoy relative or almost total anonymity!

In the current contemporary generations of carp anglers there are so many of whom are of the infamous instant carp angler type, who buy all the newest tackle and baits and everything and just expect miracles because the magazines seem to promise them to everyone with very little work whatsoever. This kind of angler but also sadly many much more experienced anglers ask me for bait advice with question can you give me a recipe? That is the last thing they need to be asking.

What they need to ask is how do carp work in the bigger scheme of the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in which they live, and how do they actually detect their opportunities and threats and how can we maximize certain factors and minimize others to ensure the most consistent success. This is not just about bait but relationships and networks of natural processes and natural rhythms and patterns and changes in nature that occur changing bit by bit hour by hour, every day and every night through all the seasons.

In my opinion a great winter bait range of endlessly adaptable recipes are ideal for summer and great summer bait is ideal for winter. Certainly basic fish nutritional requirements, bioactive requirements change as seasonal flows of natural food abundance alter, as cycles start and end, overlap and so on according to triggers of diurnal cycles etc. Even as you read this be aware that your brain has all kinds of rhythms going on, and many resonate in tune with earth frequencies. This is not some abstract things but tools we have to enable us to survive more effectively.

These things are results of our environment in many ways. You might want to apply this kind of thinking to carp and ask yourself how their feeding cycles are related to how long it takes them to digest and assimilate their natural food items, as compared to high protein baits not optimized for easy digestion and fast as possible assimilation for example. If feeding patterns are in general ruled by such cycles in relation to electro gravitational effects of the moon and sun in combination, just how many feeding opportunities can you generate by you special bait substances and unique bait applications and methods in say for example a weekend?

You might wonder how the secrets of baits that are not heated such as pastes differ from those of heated boilies and pellets, because the differences in performance are huge! But even this is merely part of a far bigger picture.

The recipe for big fish success in carp fishing is extremely complex but not solved by omitting to understand you fish and the environment and limiting factors, threats and opportunities to which they are sensitive. Understanding how carp have evolved is a great starting point, knowing how they adjust their gill rakers and why in order to harvest most energy efficiently different sized food items in different situations in different concentrations for example, is seriously revealing in terms of realizing much more about how to leverage bait substances to maximum affect.

In fact the actual ingredients that you choose to use in your homemade baits and readymade baits of any format, whether ground baits, or spod, stick, slop or method mixes, or in particle mixes and so on all are extremely significant to your success. Even on an individual basis of certain ingredients and extracts, enhancers and so on, individual fish will respond differently; every single fish in a unique individual genetically and in terms of experiences and responses and sensitivities and wariness and ability to adapt responses, be a leader, or a follower, and so on.

Seemingly relatively unimportant factors really matter in terms of how sensitive to certain baiting situations, certain substances, and levels of concentrations of substances dissolved in the water fish are, and so on. All these and much more really matter and do make all the difference between success, and failure!

See this simple sample video I made in the height of the summer; maybe you will spot that each of the ingredients I discuss are actually now recognised superfoods for human health, yet carp have instinctively known thewy are incredibly beneficial, but carp do not read scientific papers do they!

I trust that all this kind of thing makes you appreciate that hoping for a quick fix miracle bait recipe is about the last least most important route to consistent success in an ever more competitive and crowded carp fishing world! Get the bigger picture now! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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