Big Carp Fishing Bait Tips – and Readymade Baits!

You hear all kinds of good and bad things about commercial fishing baits and the good news is they are mainly doing a fantastic job. However, you may hear about some baits that may hide unexpected fishing bonuses for you. So, if you use ready-made baits for your carp and catfish fishing needs, it will pay you to read on.

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If you are a beginner or not, it is very common to have an interest in making your own baits after having some initial success on commercially produced ones. Many more experienced anglers use ready-made baits all the time, but it is choosing the right bait for your fishing situation that really matters, no one bait will serve every situation. One significant reason for this is that other anglers may have exploited any particular bait on a water previously and your results on the same bait may lead to disappointing results compared to theirs.

My point is one of the key edges in fishing apart from watercraft skills, location and actual bait presentation, is to be the first on a rig, method, tackle innovation or bait format or design. I know many experienced anglers who have become lazy and stereotyped in their tackle, baits, rigs and over all thinking approach. Of course, many anglers just fish for a bit of peace, wildlife and country air, or a change to a “social” in the pub for example. But even these anglers who completely differ from some intensely driven and goal oriented contemporary anglers, can benefit from thinking a bit more about what they do and how they think about what they do in their fishing.

If most anglers realized that although there is such a thing as mean or average fishing results, no angler is doomed to remain just an “average angler” achieving mostly average results. Using commercial baits is a very good idea, with so many advantages attached. There’s time saving, potential savings of economy on quality nutritional baits and the feeling confidence when you have heard about big fish catches on a ready-made bait or mix at other waters.

It makes great sense to exploit ready made base mixes pellets, ground baits and method mixes etc that have been designed by often very technically minded guys. These companies often use the back-up of flavourists, aquaculture experts, nutritionists and the like. These baits have to be rigorously tested over months and even years. This is to refine them and discover the correct levels of ingredients and flavors that will be successful on a range of waters throughout the year.

Your trust in a bait and any company is extremely important and rumors can be very damaging. It is always best to find things out and experience things first hand rather than take any notice of things you might read online in forums especially. For instance, I used to use Rod Hutchinson products for years in all my bait making. At one stage there was a rumour going round that he was making savings and lowering quality standards by using things like wood shavings swept off the floor!

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